Which Underwear is Best for Men?

Which Underwear is Best for Men?

Do you wonder why Superman wears his underwear out in front?

Underwear builds the foundation of a man’s style and comfort. Heck, it becomes a part of your personality. It’s a hidden treasure underneath that can dictate how you look and feel all day. Nobody wants to feel sweaty and adjust their mane in public.

Talking about the best underwear for men – they all have something in common- a comfy style, support, and size. But aren’t there dozens of styles, sizes, fabrics, looks, and colors to choose from?

That’s where we have got you covered - whether you are trying to explore or completely changing your current one. Below you will find a guide on different lengths, fabrics, styles, and the fit best for you.

Which is the best underwear for you?

1. Boxers

 Key Points:

      • 100% Cotton
      • Max Comfort
      • Great Sleepwear

Good-old boxers can be defined as lightweight, breathable, and the most comfortable underwear type. Made from 100% Cotton, elastic waistband, and 4-6 inch inseam - they provide maximum coverage. It’s the best underwear for men who prefer freedom down there especially at night. If you feel too baggy in them there are slimmer options available for slender thighs as well.

Another plus point is that they come in different colors and prints, so they can be widely used for lounging at home. A good sleep mate but don’t go too well with jeans and trousers as they give little support. Also, they might feel uncomfortable under tight trousers or jeans. 

Boxers for you – Allover Pony Boxer, Jockey Men Boxer Shorts, US Polo Association Boxers and Gloot Boxers

2. Briefs

Key points:

      •  Elastic Seams
      • Soft and Sturdy 
      • Good for Daily Wear


For some, they are the best underwear for men with thicker thighs. Their magic lies in disappearing under your pants yet providing full support and confidence. The elastic seam at leg openings does not add extra bulk. The minimalist style will help you rock the slim pants in your daily wear as well as at parties.

No stress of adjusting or rolling up of underpants. However, there will be others too who might find them too revealing. A fiber blend makes a perfect long-term partner - Cotton gives comfort and the technical fibers like nylon, micro modal, or spandex remain sturdy, strong and wick away the moisture.

Briefs for you - MEUNDIES Men’s Briefs, Calvin Klein Cotton Briefs


Key points:

      •  Budget-friendly
      • Great Fit
      • Good for Daily Wear


The fuss about boxer briefs won’t die any soon. The combo of traditional boxer style and a fit brief cut makes guys love them. A pair of versatile underpants, inseam between 3-5 inches, strong waistband, contoured pouch, and fitted style, is a favorite of many.

Are you tall? Don’t worry! The high waistband makes them the best underwear for men with good height. They hide the right amount of your thighs while protecting them from chafing too. The killer blend of cotton, nylon fibers, lycra, and micro modals makes boxer-briefs a hero. The different colors, prints, secure waistband, and right grip on thighs keeps you always ready to flaunt yourself.

Boxer briefs for you - Calvin Klein Classic Underwear, MACK WELDON Jersey boxer briefs, Uniqlo’s AIRism 


Key points:

      •  Extra supportive
      • Stretchy
      • Snuggles

    No, we are not talking about elephant trunks. This is comparatively a new style of underwear that is just a few years old. What leads them to men’s wardrobe is the rise of skinny trousers. More fashionable and athletic than boxer briefs, they have high stretch and are a favorite for gym goers.

    If you have thinner thighs, higher stretch fabric like cotton plus elastane makes them ideal for you. The micro modal with cotton used is sweat-wicking, soft, and does not shrink. They are also available in pure cotton. The length ranges from mid to upper-thigh, flat fronted style, and an extra pouch is added for support. The extra slim style with fitting but less fabric will make them snug around your legs. 

    Trunks for you - Sea Island Cotton Trunks, ARKET TRUNKS, POLO RALPH LAUREN TRUNKS

    5.Sports Underwear

    Key points:

        •  Great for Gym goers
        • Different Designs
        • Wide Waistband

    You guessed it right. It’s your mate who is always there for you when you are running late for gym. No time for jockstraps just slip into these and be ready for HIIT workout sessions. This athletic underwear has a long life and a special supportive pouch.

    Polyester, spandex, nylon, elastane, and cotton used in them are quick-drying, breathable, and have a bit of compression to increase the blood flow.

    They come in the shapes of briefs and boxers but the design and fabric makes all the difference. The wide and tight waistband keeps it secure on your waist. In our books, it can be the best underwear for men who need to hit the gym after checking off their grocery list. It can do both jobs well.

    Sports Underwear for you - UNDERWEAR BOXERS, CDLP PERFORMANCE BOXER, Lululemon's boxers


    There might be a debate going on in your mind choosing the best underwear for men but it all depends on you.

    Choose the underwear which gives you comfort and ease to be yourself. The fabric should be soft and supportive for you. You should feel free to move or dance in them without fidgeting. If you feel the need to change your underpants according to the occasion then go for it. Just don’t forget that underwear is your best friend’s best friend. 

    Experiment with prints and colors, when you find your fit. And then rock it like Superman!