About Us


We developed Gloot because we wanted to re-invent basics by using technology and design innovation while keeping sustainability as our core DNA.

We questioned how an essentials category was never given its due importance. We found that “Never getting caught adjusting ourselves” for men, was our core problem solving area to start with.

How are we different?

Gloot is here to provide the most comfortable underwear and athleisure clothing, that you have ever experienced by using premium fabrics and fine detailing. We achieved this by

Fabric Innovation using our tech-fabric blends.

Technology Led Product features to make today's lifestyle simple and easy.

Design Led products with fine detailing.

Coming from the house of Nykaa Fashion, we are the 1st private label brand for men. With smart differentiated colours and fine detailing, we bridge the gap between comfort and durability.

Our Inspiration

Health Conscious Individualswho aspire to have a purposeful and healthy lifestyle.

Inspired by them, we are leading by  innovative technological up-gradation and our products are all about redefining masculinity by comforting the REAL YOU. 

Sustainability and Gloot

Not for namesake, Gloot is authentic when it comes to sustainable manufacturing. Sustainability is at the core of Gloot’s inception. We use sustainable fabrics, plant-based finishes as well as recycled polymer packaging for all our products. 

We are working on returnable secondary packaging as well, to stand by our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint.

Meant for the conscious individuals like you, our manufacturing process uses less water and electricity.

With Gloot you can move and chill your way to a purposeful living.