What are Polo T-Shirts

What are Polo T-Shirts

The polo t-shirt is essentially an intermediate garment between a t-shirt and a traditional oxford shirt. 

It combines the formality of a dress shirt with the informality of a t-shirt. A type of shirt with a collar, coupled with an optional pocket is known as a polo shirt, with alternate names like tennis shirt, golf shirt, or even a chukker shirt. 

Short-sleeved polo t-shirts were first used by polo players in India and can be dated back to 1859. The polo t-shirt has its roots in polo games, as the name suggests, but tennis is the sport that first made it popular.

René Lacoste, a well-known tennis player, popularized the polo t-shirt in the 1930s and helped it achieve the iconic position it holds today. Polo players also created the iconic buttoned-down collar in the late 19th century to prevent their collars from flapping in the wind, and this shirt was the first to use one.

Piqué has a high-quality, stretchy, breathable, and absorbent waffle structure. A modest collar, a seamless button placket, and a little side slit for further mobility are all features of traditional polo t-shirts. For outfits that might use a touch more style and delicacy, polo shirts are a casual yet somewhat more refined option.

Polo t-shirts are versatile. They are an exquisite mid-range option for a weekend getaway. When an outfit needs to be casual with a dash of flair, this piece can be worn.