What are Joggers?

What are Joggers?

Joggers were first designed to be worn for exercise, but like many athleisure trend items, the mainstream pairs have adapted to the new trends and are now suitable for various events. 

Joggers are often casual sports pants that give the appearance of being athletic, are lightweight, and are comfy. Joggers have a top that is rather broad and a tapered bottom that tightly fits the ankle. 

Most joggers have an added drawstring or an elastic waist, and elastic, in general, is also used to keep the ankles near to the torso. Despite the fact that joggers were originally created as a type of sweatpants, they are now available in a wide range of materials, sizes, and tailored-looking styles. 

Sporty joggers, lounge joggers, everyday joggers, and smart joggers are the four primary categories of joggers. 

Sporty joggers are the original, the standard, and what most people envision when they think of joggers. Today's sports joggers have a slim design and form fitting stitching. 

Lounge joggers 

Lounge joggers are the greatest option if you're seeking a pair of relaxed pants to wear while watching the big game on Sunday. These joggers are often loose-fitting, consisting of a material that prioritises comfort over performance, like fleece or french terry, and have a more relaxed fit. The most comfort is offered by lounge joggers. 

Everyday joggers 

The ideal option for going about your daily life in comfort and style is to wear an everyday jogger, which is exactly what it sounds like. One of the most adaptable pieces of clothing on the market, these versatile pants can effortlessly transition from relaxing on the sofa to a dentist appointment and back without missing a beat. 

Smart joggers 

Do you dislike donning "real" pants whenever you need to appear put together? Smart joggers have reversed the sweatpants trend and demonstrated the impact that some fitting, a change in material, and some design can have. Compared to other styles of joggers, smart joggers will have more fitted and tapered legs, letting you flaunt your legs and forming a figure-flattering profile. Smart joggers are often made of fine-gauge cotton or a similar fabric that bunches and sags at the knees, giving them the disheveled appearance for which so many sweatpants are renowned. As long as they are dressed appropriately, smart joggers let you seem amazing and put together without being uncomfortable. 

Tips for Styling Joggers 

For a relaxed, comfortable style, wear a sweater with joggers. Wear boots or chic sneakers to maintain a street-ready appearance. 

Joggers and a casual t-shirt are a comfortable weekend outfit, but it's crucial to make sure your shirt fits properly and isn't that big. 

Add a denim jacket to your joggers if you want to boost your style ante. Although denim jackets are casual, they add structure and style to your outfit. The contrast in texture also makes your outfit more interesting.