Men’s Underwear Types: The Ultimate Guide

Men’s Underwear Types: The Ultimate Guide

Who doesn’t like to wear something new? Who would want to keep on repeating clothes day in day out? There is something exciting about donning new clothes especially fresh underpants. Your underwear might not be visible to others but there is that feel good factor attached. Underwear is the mood of your body. Putting on the wrong one can easily ruin your day.

There is such a huge variety of underwear existing these days that choosing the one apt for any occasion becomes tricky. Especially, when it is more about finding the perfect blend of both - the support your package wants and the comfort that you are looking for to sail through the day without having to pull them up. It surely calls for extra caution ‘coz you would not like to spend the day addressing itching and wriggling issues throughout the day.

The task of choosing the right underpants require one to know it all - about the underwear types of men in the market. Some of the parameters that help you determine the one that best works for you are your body shape, personal preference, type of activity, fabric, fitting and so on. Once you know the underwear types for men available, it will simplify your task to some extent.

Men’s Underwear Types

Let us take a look at the main types of underwear you should know about for choosing the best one for you.

    •  Briefs
    • Trunks
    • Boxers
    • Boxer Briefs
    • Thongs



Briefs are your run-of-the-mill underwear available in a range of designs and patterns. It is one of the most accepted styles across the globe. This category also includes the contemporary Y-front style and hipsters too. The names might vary but what they do remains the same. You will usually find them made of stretch cotton or silkier cousin modal with the required touch of elastane for adding extra comfort.

It’s your genital area and buttocks that get full coverage without any constraint for your legs and thighs. Choose from low, medium and high rise cuts depending upon what you wearing on the outside. Also, there is no hassle of any extra fabric that can give you a wedgie. Overall, briefs are popular for their fast drying fabrics, cuts that augment your natural contours and the waist-minimizing waistbands.


Call them trunks or hipsters; they are considered the best for those who are looking for a comfortable pouch and the support everything right in place. If you are confused between picking a boxer or a boxer brief then trunks are meant for you. With short legs, it has a square cut appearance and with a lower rise, they are best suited to show off your six-packs too.

They are usually made from modal or stretch cotton with a silky touch that hugs your body just right. Even if they are low rise, you can still expect full coverage at the rear. Don’t make the mistake of wearing them for playing any sport else your organ will be completely squished off. Keep them for the occasions to maintain a balance between comfort and sex appeal.


This loose-fitted underwear is inclined towards giving you more breathability than support. With an open fly in the front, it gives an easy exit route for nature calls. The styles are varied to meet the needs of any age group and almost every body type. They allow you maximum leg movement.

Boxers are generally made of stiff fabric and a panel of loose fabric at the back for accommodating the buttocks while you bend down. Many consider them old-fashioned but still there is no shortage of its fans. Wear them to give your package the desirable space, an airier room where it stays cool. Put them on daily or while you are out for casual sports or going out as well.

Boxer Briefs

A mid-rise underwear extending down to cover almost half of your thighs provide you the right amount of support and complete coverage. Use them every day as they are usually made of fine fabrics like cotton and spandex. With advancing technologies, you can look out for features like odor guards, moisture-wicking fabric, waist minimizing waistband and more in your boxer briefs.

They are considered to be a good choice if you are looking for protection from chaffing especially during workouts and sports. These ones often come with a moderate rise on your waist. Further, there are those boxer briefs as well that cover almost 1/3rd of your thighs offering extended coverage. Wearing them is sure to show off your waistband since it is worn high on the hips.


Thongs are a part of the scanty brief family including the G-string and Jockstrap. The invention of the jockstrap was to offer extra protection to men while they were cycling. Made from very less fabric, it is just a pouch, a waistband and two strings to take care of your privates. A blend of cotton with elastane is generally used to manufacture them for enhanced comfort especially in the pouch area.

Thongs sit low on the hips leaving the glutes completely exposed. If you are among those who are fit to show your body and love to wear tight bottoms without having to worry about bunched fabric then thongs are definitely your friends. For the ones who might get hurt down there like sportsperson, there is an option to insert cups for additional protection too.


Don’t forget that underpants are the most important piece in the wardrobe. They cannot be taken lightly since they sit the closest to your body every day. Their job is to keep the most sensitive parts of your body safe and secure still giving them the adequate support and comfort. As of today, there are umpteen combinations available with a mix of add-ons that include package boosting pouches, waist minimizing waistbands, butt enhancing cuts, eco-friendly technology, fast drying fabrics and much more.