Polo T Shirt Vs T-Shirt - Know The Difference

Polo T Shirt Vs T-Shirt - Know The Difference

The two most basic, yet extremely versatile pieces of mens fashion, the polo t-shirt and t-shirt are different in more than one way. While they can be very similar in their uses, the differences go a long way as well. If two are put in front of you, chances are that you will be able to tell some significant differences, even if your fashion knowledge is not very profound. But, since we are at it, let’s take a look at the many differences and some that might not be known to those not extremely familiar with terms of the fashion world.


 The fit


Naturally, in today’s day and age there are a number of different sizes and types of fits for t-shirts as well as polo shirts. But primarily, polo shirts have a lot more compact fit, when compared to t-shirts. T-shirts, predominantly, are tagged as comfort wear and are usually more loose than polo t-shirts. However, there are oversized fits for both types of clothing now, as fashion evolves everyday.


The material


Cotton all the way for t-shirts, but for polo t-shirts the material can vary and have an influence of spandex, polyester or even wool. There are polyester t-shirts too, but cotton is the primary material of choice for t-shirts. Knit was also first used in polo shirts, before it was introduced to t-shirts too. Polo shirts, in the early days, were made mainly for cold weather, which is why they were thicker than cotton t-shirts.


The patterns


When it comes to t-shirts, the patterns can vary mainly on the fit. But, with the versatility offered by the introduction of the collar, the polo t-shirt has a big range of patterns. One of the biggest differences is the number of buttons, some polos have two and some have three, while some can have four too, to get a more button-up shirt-like look. And then there are polo t-shirts without buttons too. These are v-neck designs that offer great coverage and style even without the inclusion of any buttons. And then there are also rugby polo t-shirts, which are usually a drop-shoulder design and an oversized fit. With t-shirts, there are v-neck offerings that introduce a varied pattern.




The origination of polo t-shirts and t-shirts are one of the major differences between the two. The t-shirt was introduced as an undershirt and then slowly evolved into a pick that can take you from day to night. A t-shirt’s versatility ranges from nightwear to clubwear. On the other hand, polo t-shirts were created in the 1920s to solve a purpose. They were first worn only by polo players, and hence the name. They were specifically designed for the sport to ensure that the fit was correct, a touch of class was offered by the button-up finish and the team emblem was mainly embroidered on the chest.


So, that’s it, these are the major differences between a polo t-shirt and a t-shirt and now it’s not just the collar.