Know Your Underwear Fabric

Know Your Underwear Fabric

You must be agreeing with the fact that underwear is among the most crucial things in a man’s wardrobe. Don’t you? Well, this is because underwear needs to be worn throughout the day. It is a necessity for the human body and keeping this in mind, brands have started making underwear using fabrics that not only makes you feel lighter beneath your pants but also portray the confidence inside you.

You would not like to see that your intimate parts are popping out and making you feel embarrassed in front of a whole gathering of office mates. And this is the reason why you are in search of a good underwear fabric that not just blends well with your body but also makes you tension free. 

As you all might know, there are ample fabrics from which underwear can be made. And this is going to leave you in a dilemma about which fabrics are the best as per your skin type and texture. 

But first, let’s understand the history and evolution of fabrics. 

A brief history of fabrics!

Well, there’s a lot to say about the history of fabrics. Fabric is the basic necessity for any human, just like food. Fabrics first developed in the Middle East during the Stone Age. The age of dyed flax fibres discovered in a prehistoric cave in Georgia, Eurasia, is 36,000 years. In the Czech Republic, textile, basket, and net impressions on clay that date back as far as 27,000 years have been discovered as weaving evidence.

Fabric creation first began during ancient times when prehistoric people used flax fibres which were separated into strands and then woven into simple fabrics which were then coloured with dyes extracted from the plants. Different cultures approached the fabrics in different ways. Several factors were considered to make fabrics such as fashion, ecosystem, climate, religion, etc.

Evolution of fabric over the years is not only restricted to the outerwear but plays a determined role in the evolution of our underwear as well. Necessity is the mother of invention – this holds true for underwear as well. Manufacturers have been on the move to experiment with fabric and bring to you the best underwear to make it more durable, stretchy, comfortable and stylish too.

Different fabrics used for men’s underwear

1.    Cotton Underwear

 Renowned underwear manufacturers have been using cotton as the main fabric for ages. It is very true that cotton keeps your intimate area free from sweat and not gasping for air. Another reason why manufacturers love this fabric is that it is inexpensive. Cotton underwear is pretty decent and is away from all the fancy stuff. So, all those looking to wear something macho in their early teenage years or adulthood, move on to the next fabrics to satisfy your needs.

2.   Polyester underwear

 It is a historical fact that polyester is a fabric that was created to satisfy the needs of the male body. This fabric is resistant to shrinking and at the same time, it neither fades nor wrinkles. Polyester blends with your body just like you haven’t worn anything on your body. Sounds like perfect material for your intimate area, right? 

Oh and so, for those who have caught up with sensitive skin, stay away from this fabric. It can trap heat and moisture. 

3.   Spandex Underwear

 If we talk about spandex, it is a durable, lightweight, and moisture-resistant fabric. Spandex is a fabric that is present in almost all the men’s underwear out there. Why? Because above everything else, spandex is elastic and that is why this fabric is also known as elastane. Do you also have spandex fabric in your underwear? Well, another good thing about spandex is that it can easily stretch like rubber which ensures utmost comfort level and leans with your body completely. 

If you are a fitness freak then do not forget to wear spandex-fabric underwear while working out. It’ll help you lift your butt easily keeping your nuts at a comfy level.

4.   Bamboo Underwear

 Have you ever thought about wearing bamboo products on your body, especially in your intimate parts? Well, you could not believe but yes, bamboo is something very silky, light, and even softer than cotton fabric. It doesn’t let the moisture settle around your body and lets the air pass through. There’s this one main thing that sets the bamboo fabric apart from the other fabrics. It’s the anti-bacterial properties offered by this fabric. This would prevent the terrible rash and at the same time makes your intimate area smell like a scent. 

Factors to consider while selecting the underwear fabric

Several factors must be considered while choosing an underwear fabric. Below mentioned are some factors:

  •  Longevity

 Are you open to spending some extra bucks on buying good quality underwear? The one that not just fills you up with comfort but also gives you the utmost comfort, then the first thing you should look for is longevity. It is crucial to pick the ideal underwear fabric that lasts longer without getting torn from behind or beneath. Look for a fabric that can retain its original grace even after multiple washes. 

  • Lightweight

Underwear is worn to get that ultimate relief and comfort. This means that it protects your intimate parts from huge layers of clothing. This is why it is essential to choose lightweight underwear. Thin underwear would give you a natural lining over your outer clothing, unlike thick or heavy underwear. 

  • Stretch

Look for an underwear fabric that does not get loose-stretched after several washes. This will lower the life of your underwear. Your underwear needs to be flexible so that it does not tear off when your body is stretched. Prevent picking up an underwear fabric that is stiff and does not offer any kind of flexibility. 


Hopefully, we believe that the above-shared information proved to be useful for you. Was it? So, if you are looking for an underwear fabric, make sure that you look for the comfort level, longevity, feel, and look and of course the stretch factor. Not all fabrics are equipped with all of these qualities so search wisely before you make any buying decision.