How to Wear Boxers: 10 Steps

How to Wear Boxers: 10 Steps

How to wear boxers can be complex from choosing the right size to fabric and more. Once you know the trick, the court is all yours to hit it straight.

Underwear – what’s the big deal about them? Just wear them, change them, wash them and repeat. Sounds so simple! Majority of men feel that it is just a normal process. However, there’s more to it than just this seemingly normal process. There is no denying the fact that you already know how to wear a pair of boxers correctly.

But there’s more to it!

Your underpants play an important role in your intimate hygiene as well. But then there’s comfort that tops the chart. Putting them on correctly to give you the best fit can avoid getting you embarrassed in front of others. Neither are they new to you nor you to them but why leave any scope for a tussle while you are already on the go.

Can you think of anything worse than moving out wearing an uncomfortable pair of underpants?

The answer is surely NO!

How to wear boxers might seem to be a silly question to you. If yes, then let us have a look at what can you avoid by learning to wear the boxers correctly.

  • Jock itch – The scariest of them all! The right size that is not too tight worn at the right place won’t let you itch
  • Front pouch – They are meant to support your package and to not let it flop around but make sure that you wear them right
  • Comfort – The balls should not get crushed or suffocated, rightly worn boxers will cradle them best
  • How to wear boxers’ – explained

    Learn about the boxers well before you make the final choice. Boxer Briefs, Boxer Shorts or Trunks – the choice is yours.

    I)Picking your style of boxers

    If experts are to be believed then Boxer Briefs are considered to be the best among the lot. If you are looking for professional fit and look then boxers top the chart but boxer briefs offer the comfort of both. Further, if chafing is what bothers you then boxer briefs is definitely meant for you.

    II)Wearing boxers to cover your imperfections

    Are you one of those who feel less confident about your body? If yes, then boxers are the right ones for you. From a beer belly to sagging scrotum, hide it all under the right pair of boxers. Not to forget that the right size matters too.

    III)Choosing the right fabric

    When it comes to variety of fabric, boxers overshadow briefs. As far as boxers are concerned, pick up any from cotton, silk or synthetic blend. Briefs, on the other hand, give you limited choices. Not every fabric goes well with every occasion/place/activity it is to be worn for you have to choose the right fabric accordingly.

    IV)Picking the suitable color

    Just like fabric, boxers are available in a rich spectrum of colors as well. Fond of white color? Think twice. The whites don’t stay that white for long. From monochromes to flashy ones, from plain waistbands to colorful ones – you can pick a different color and style for every occasion.

    V)Wearing boxers for intimacy

    Not all might consider this one or rather talk about this one but your underwear can show a lot. Many choose boxers over other styles for the variety they are available in – color, fabric or pattern. Surely you would not like it to be a turn off at the desired place and time. Hide some mystery behind a nice pair of boxers instead of wearing the casual and obvious briefs.

    VI)Showing your personality

    Underpants give you confidence. When your package is settled in well, the scope of managing it while on the go is limited or minimal. Depending upon one’s personality, one might end up choosing boxers that are creative or humorous or may be absolutely professional. Boxers let you make a statement that briefs cannot.

    VII)Following underwear etiquette

    Yes, there are underwear manners too. Changing your underpants daily is a mandate. Similarly, if your underwear is ripped, worn out, faded or gross, it is advised to throw them off. Boxers have a lot more scope than other styles but whether boxers or briefs, be happy wearing it. You would definitely not like to sweat, stink or chafe with the wrong pair, of course.

    VIII)For medical/health benefits

    Who doesn’t want their private parts to be best in shape/health? We all do. When it comes to testicular health, boxers are preferred over briefs. They are neither too tight nor too loose instead they give you the right space to ensure that you don’t sweat too much down there.

    IX)Boxers for increasing fertility

    Yes, you read it right. Boxers can have a positive impact on the quality of the sperms since they give your package the desired space keeping the temperature well under control. They give you just the right fit that is not too tight especially when you are involved in a lot of physical activity.

    X)Deciding on the essential support

    When you need support, boxers are not the right choice for you. You cannot put them on and work out. They are not meant for the moments where support is the priority.


    The best fit can be an easy to crack challenge but wearing them correctly might seem complex at times. Avoiding tightness and pinching to stay comfortable asks for a good learning about how to wear boxer right. Last but not the least the brand that you choose can take you on either a happy ride or a roller coaster ride. Try Gloot – the brand that offers the most sustainable and cool boxers in the town. You get to choose from a range of colors, patterns and fabric. Happy Shopping with Gloot!