How Many Pairs of Underwear Should You Own?

How Many Pairs of Underwear Should You Own?

What answer would you give if someone asks you – How many pairs of underwear do you own? For sure, you would not have an exact answer. Else you would just start thinking and counting but to no good either. Not knowing about the exact number of pairs you own is common but what is more important is to know how many pairs of underwear for men you should ideally own.

Further, you are done with your research about finding the right one. You have made the comparisons, you have checked out some brands as well and you are ready to just shop around. BUT! How many pairs should you pick can anytime boggle your mind. If two is less then four might sound more to many. Wondering whether it is worth a thought or not? It definitely is.

Every man’s requirement varies and so does the number that he must own. For some, 5 pairs are sufficient but for others 10 might not even do. Look out for advice and there will be lots of mouths to hear to. Why not continue the discussion further and try to identify which number works for you?

How many pairs of underwear work for you?

You will come across numerous views on the same. Some say you must own minimum 14 pairs of underwear to keep you going flawlessly for a week ten days. Others say that 21 is the magic number. Baffling – isn’t it? Let’s see what matters!!

  • Frequency of laundering underwear for men
Figuring out the number of pairs you should own will become less tricky when you know the frequency at which you do laundry. Changing underwear daily is a must but for many one isn’t sufficient. They end up changing twice in a day. It does not only ensure hygienic safety but gives longevity to the underwear as well. The fabric of underwear for men gets worn down on a daily basis due to the sweat, friction, closeness it experiences.
Someone staying in a family where clothes are washed daily, a lesser number will do. However, for someone staying in a hostel where laundry is not that frequent, having more is essential. If you get your laundry done from outside then you are definitely prepared to wait for a few days before you get them back.
  • Frequency of changing underwear for men
Really! Of course, all of you change your underwear every day. There will be many of you who change it more than once as well. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if you come across men who change underwear after every activity during the day like gym, office or party. Men with longer travel or physical activity might need to change more than once.
For the ones who do not change them every day, you are up for some trouble soon. One for a day means that you will be left with minimum seven dirty pairs at the end of the week. Won’t it be a nightmare if you own only seven pairs and all end up dirty at the weekend? Till the time you launder them, you are stuck without underwear. So, more than seven is the way to go.
  • Type of activity or occasion
There are no ifs and buts if you slip into the wrong pair of underwear. Choosing the right pair of underwear apt for the activity you are headed for is significant. The variety of underwear for men available is known to all. So why not take advantage? Do not settle down for one fits all. Every underwear is not suitable for every occasion or activity.
It is advisable to have a proper mix of the variety available to work best for you. So, if you are involved in more than one form of activity every day then make the choice wisely. Having 3-4 pairs of the different types that you wear is an ideal decision to make. However, the question of how many pairs still continues to be subjective.

Stock Up Now

After reading this, you might have probably already started to think that do you really need more or how many do you need. Being practical as far as stocking up the right number of pairs of underwear for men is concerned – is essential. Owning enough pairs ensures that you are never short of clean underwear for your day-to-day activities.