A Guide to the Best Summer Outfits for Men

A Guide to the Best Summer Outfits for Men

When summer is around the corner, feeling and looking cool is what every man looks forward to. From drinking a gallon of coke to feeling fresh and to wearing the best summer outfits to appear cool and stylish – every little thing matters. Dressing in winter is comparatively less challenging than in summer. You want to look fashionable and cool to call for the attention of others.

But what remains the biggest concern is slipping into the right outfit apt for the respective season. Well, we have got you covered. Here is a quick guide to the best summer outfits for men that will make you look macho and badass anywhere - from your bustling weekdays to your lively weekends, from party evenings to date nights.

By the end of this guide, you will learn about the important things that you need to know about looking stylish, such as the best clothing, how to compliment them with accessories, footwear collection, and much more. Further, it is going to help you improve your wardrobe and your overall appearance too.

1) Mandarin Shirt with Basic Denim

Starting from the basics, do possess The Mandarin shirt, aka Chinese collar. Pairing a plain, no-pocket Mandarin shirt with basic blue denim deserves special status. It cannot be emphasized enough how cool and sophisticated this composition looks. If you prefer formals, you can also replace denim with chinos.

Pairing these two with a black belt, black loafers, and, in accessories, a silver watch, will draw attention towards you anywhere.  Speaking of the color combination, black and white is a timeless classic. However, you can also experiment with summer colors such as light yellow fade, sky blue, mint among others.

2) Basic T Shirt with Lightweight Joggers

A simple white t-shirt is your best friend for the summer season. This is possibly the only piece of apparel that can be worn with any outfit. Pair this look with white sneakers and a neck chain and any casual watch as an accessory. It will provide a comprehensive appearance as well as a very trendy street style look for summer.

3) Formal Shirt with Striped Trousers

As a working professional, it is essential to bring a formal vibe across the table. A formal shirt will help you to do the same. It will add to the diversification of your summer outfits that will make you look elegant. Similarly, striped trousers will make your wardrobe more intriguing.

A solid plain shirt and striped trousers can be paired with loafers and a formal watch to carry that professional vibe amongst your colleagues. This is the most basic but exquisite combo you can think of.

4) Jersey with Ripped Denim

The quickest and easiest way to look cool in summer is by wearing a street-style look that is trendy. A baseball jersey tops the chart. Wearing it with ripped denim and pairing it with any basic sneakers and a casual watch is all you need to do to set the trend.

5) Tropical Prints Shirt

Tropical pattern shirts look great and are not only for the beach. You can wear them on any occasion during summer.  There are multiple ways to pair tropical prints to look more aesthetic and stylish. Pair it with chinos and loafers with any casual watch, maybe a beaded bracelet and a thin neck chain for a tropical vibe.

Basic denim and white sneakers are also a good option to pair a tropical print shirt with if you want to go for a casual look. Make it more casual by wearing plain shorts with slip-on loafers and carrying a hat as an accessory. The fundamental rule you must remember here is that the bottom should be plain and sober since tropical prints are eye-catching shirts, so always keep the shuttered border.

6) Denim with Beige Chinos

Denim and beige is WOW! But wait - denim in summer? Yes, we are talking about denim. A thin denim shirt is one of the sexiest things that you can keep in your wardrobe. You can wear this combination by keeping the shirt open and tucking a plain cotton t-shirt inside with white sneakers and you are ready to rock.

7) Bermuda Shorts with Shirt

Shirts with shorts are very classy, but keep in mind that these are Bermuda shorts, which are almost chinos in the material. Pick properly fitted shorts for the right look with loafers and a formal watch to go well with this combination of clothes. Do not forget to pick the right watch, it is essential too. For instance, if you have a brown strap watch, go for brown loafers or brown shoes. In short, the color of your watch or belt should match your shoes or loafers.

8) Polo T Shirt

A basic but evergreen option is our very own Polo t-shirt. If you want to wear it in the office, you can wear it with chinos or trousers and a pair of formal shoes and a formal watch. If you want to wear it casually, you can pair it with basic denim and loafers. You can also wear it at the beach with basic plain Bermuda and slip-on or sneakers to reflect your relaxed vibe.

Summing Up….

The fundamental rule to slaying in any outfit is by wearing clothes that fit you correctly. They should be appropriate i.e. neither too tight nor too loose. The best thing about the above outfit ideas is that they are easy to carry, easy to find and, most importantly, pocket-friendly. Not to forget, the accessories like hats, caps, sunglasses, watch and more happen to be the last-minute saviors for all. So make sure they are a part of your everyday style.

Looking stylish has less to do with your body shape: skinny, chubby, short, or tall. What matters more is knowing which rule to follow and which to break. Although there are no rigid rules when it comes to the world of fashion, it is always a wise option to have a few ground rules for yourself to define your style.