Different Types Of T-Shirt Necklines Men Should Know

Different Types Of T-Shirt Necklines Men Should Know

Mens t-shirts are more diverse than one can imagine. While the structural make for most remains the same, there are many variations that add to the versatility of the apparel. There’s nothing extraordinary about a t-shirt, however, its versatility cannot be questioned. The simple piece of clothing can be a top pick from a sedentary affair like lounging to an extravagant one like a party or even a wedding. Confused? Well, the idea of wearing a t-shirt under a blazer or suit, not only plays as the base layer, it also brings a cutting edge plus casual look to the rather formal style of clothing. 

In this blog, we are focusing on one of the many aspects that make a t-shirt versatile–its neckline. There’s obviously the basic round neck, which is the most known and common form for t-shirts, but there’s a lot more too. Here’s a basic guide to the different styles. 

Different Types Of T-Shirt Necklines Men Should Know

If you are into fashion, and like to know about the realms of the fashion world, you must know about the following necklines. 

Crew neck 

Mentioned earlier, this one is the basic and most popular form of tees. They are ideal as an undershirt or even solo when worn with chinos or denims. These t-shirts are a great pick when you want the focus to shit to your pants or sneaks. You can also choose a printed tee with a crew neck. 

V neck 

While crew necklines were best-suited for men with narrow faces and sloped shoulders, a V-neck is designed to fit a little more loosely and showcase a physique. 

Deep V-Neck

Similar to the V neck, this one is just a lot lower and ideal for those who are well built or have a bulging chest, not recommended for sleek individuals. 

Henley-Style Neck

The hybrid between the polo and normal tee, the henley-style tee, also known as the Y-neck style, is the stylish cousin of a crew neck tee. It also introduces more flexibility with the buttons, you can button it up or leave them open, as per your style/convenience. 

Mock neck 

The lost cousin of a turtle neck, the mock neck is your friend during the early winter days when it is not too cold, but you would appreciate some extra coverage. It expands to half of the next, just below the Adam's apple and is almost a mock for stand collar. 

Scoop and deep scoop neck 

This is an iteration of the crew neck as well. In this case, the neckline simply drops a few inches lower and is easier than the restriction of the crew neck. Ideal for casual hangouts and summer days. The deep scoop takes it a notch further and deepens the neck even more, perfect for days when you want to flaunt your ripped chest muscles or collar bones. 

Polo/collar t-shirt

A little more diverse than most others, termed by many as a totally different form of t-shirts, polo shirts, if you look at them, are also largely an iteration of the neck only. A simple addition of collar and buttons brings a formal feel.