How to find ideal shorts for every activity | Best Shorts for Men

How to find ideal shorts for every activity | Best Shorts for Men

Let’s face it - we’re all clumsy now and again. We like to lounge around, we sweat, we manspread. We wear our shorts to sleep, to shop, to work out, and even to work from home. Have you found that one perfect pair of shorts that can carry you through any and all of these activities with ease?


Wouldn’t you want that ideal pair of shorts that doesn’t make you feel too hot, is soft and moisture-wicking but doesn’t look like shabby synthetic fabric. Shorts that aren’t skin tight or baggy, just perfectly tailored for a smart fit. And not tailored in regular fabric, but in stretchy jersey that doesn’t lose its shape.


For the larger part of the year, our shorts are our second skin. We want them to be comfortable and pliable, but also smart enough to wear outside the house. We wish they wouldn’t easily stain, or require frequent changes because they retain stench. The qualities we look for in one garment make it a piece of performance wear, and performance clothing is created by specialised companies after painstaking research.


Gloot has been launched as a performance based solution for the Indian man by the House of Nykaa Fashion. The tailored fits are rendered in elastic fabric that is sweat, odour, and stain resistant. The durable elastic waistbands hold their shape for long lasting wear, while the new generation fabric is cut for a slim and slick fit.


Explore the various colour options available in Gloot’s performance shorts, that are sure to suit every man’s tastes. In fact, we recommend you get one in every colour!