A masterclass in what to wear with joggers

A masterclass in what to wear with joggers

In today’s day and age, joggers are easily the most common and versatile piece of lower clothing for men. Whether you are headed to a party, work, random errand run or simply lounging at home, joggers are easy, comfortable and every bit stylish at the same time. Hence, styling them is a super easy job, but then there’s a lot to explore in fashion at every instance. And, the case is pretty much the same here too. 

Let’s take you through the different materials for joggers, distinct styles and what you must wear above and below them to complete your looks. 

Here’s your masterclass in what to wear with joggers

Ways to keep it simple 

A basic tee is the best pair for joggers, whether you are staying indoors or heading out-nothing too fancy though. If you are personally a fan of collars, then you can swap the regular tee for a polo one too. Keeping it basic but also adding some style quotient to the outfit, you can throw on a hoodie or a zipper too. Shirts can be paired with slim fit joggers too. Best way to exude a rather laid back vibe would be to pick a basic resort shirt to pair with your joggers. 

Jazz things up 

Joggers are great downplayed, relaxed outfits for parties too. So when you wish to jazz things up, shirts are a great choice. Whether you are picking a satin one or an oxford one, make sure there isn’t too much happening with the prints. A simple, sleek stitch can bring together a rather dazzling fit. Alternatively, if you are going for a pool or house party, bringing in some prints might not be the worst idea. 

While the top wear on joggers seems to be sorted for you, there is a lot that shoes can dictate too. First things first, even though they’re party-friendly (when worn the right way), joggers are mostly picked for relaxed events; hence, wearing moccasins, loafers or brogues/oxfords is not the best idea. You can probably stretch things a little with espadrilles, but it hovers on a very thin line. That being said, let’s check out what to wear. 


The absolute banging partners for your joggers, a classic pair or even a more chunky/jazzy one can bring a crazy dynamic to outlook. These shoes are perfect for the easy vibe that the outfit is establishing and take attention away from the joggers too. The sneakers will automatically become the hero of the outfit and rid you of any daze. 

Sporty shoes 

If sneaks don’t work best for you, picking a pair of trainers or sports shoes isn’t the worst idea either. They are comfortable and that’s what someone wearing joggers mostly wishes to communicate (comfort > fashion). So, you are on the right track, if you pick sports shoes. 

Slides or Sandals

If the event allows for open-toed footwear, why not? There aren’t many places that will accommodate slides or sandals, but you are the boss of your fit when it is a simple grocery run or any other chill activity. Even house or pool parties allow you to rock a pair of sandals or slides with your joggers.