5 T-Shirts & Shorts Combinations To Make Your Summer Style Breezy And Light

5 T-Shirts & Shorts Combinations To Make Your Summer Style Breezy And Light

Is the season getting a bit hot and humid? Then, it’s time to bring out your tshirts and shorts to enjoy the summer. Even though the styles and cuts may vary from year to year, the tshirt and short combination never go out of style.  In summers, you don't want to struggle with body-hugging full shirts or tight-fitting jeans. When it's this hot outside, we can't help but put on our go-to summer attire. Hence, here are 5 exciting and amazing tshirt and short combinations to make your summer style breezy and light.

1.)  Printed T-shirt and Cargo shorts

If you want to go for a “keeping it casual & cool” look, don a printed graphic tshirt with cargo shorts. It is an iconic tshirt and cargo combination that’ll make heads turn. For shorts, you could go for a military-style or something with an earthy tone to it. Whereas for a tshirt you can never go wrong with a cool graphic on a dark navy blue shade. The calming colour of the shorts will balance out the funky tshirt very well. Be it a BBQ party or a casual housewarming, you’ll never go wrong with this fit.

2.) Plain Supima Cotton T-shirt and Stylish Boxers

A Supima cotton tshirt and stylish boxers is what you need to keep your summers light and breezy. It’ll be best if boxers provide easy mobility and a stretchable waistline. Ideally, the tshirt should be a dark colour with no itchy spots and not too tight. This tshirt and short combination can be worn outside while going for a walk or while working from home.

3.) Polo T-shirt and Chino Shorts

It is the go-to outfit when the weather becomes too hot to handle and you’re looking for a little formal but a cool tshirt and short combination. While it's a simple outfit, it will surely make you look quite stylish, with denim and chinos. To create a refined and timeless look, choose monochromatic colours. One such forever amazing combination is a black polo tshirt and white chino shorts. It is advised to keep the polo unbuttoned for a loose fit.

4.) Co-ord T-shirt and Shorts

A funky tshirt and matching shorts is a combination you should try out when you’re looking to break out your fun side. It is the most suitable wear for an outdoor occasion or a beach party. One can try out plain cool coloured or printed ones too. However, if you’re looking for a little experimentation, a tie-dye co-ord tshirt and short set will be perfect for you.

5.) Oversized T-shirt and Denim Jeans

This is the right tshirt and short combination if you want to keep it simple yet exciting. It can make for great wear everywhere you go and is extremely comfortable. This is one of those combinations that’ll make you feel confident. Rugged denim shorts with an oversized white graphic tshirt tucked in the corner can turn out to be a terrific outfit during a fun day out with friends or family.


These are some uniquely exciting tshirt and short combinations that you must try out to make your summer style breezy and light. Be it going to college, parties, or just hanging out with your friends, these comfortable outfits will make you look good confident and fashionable. So this summer, beat the heat in style with these awesome tshirts and short combinations.