Sustainability is the key catalyst in gloot inception

Sustainable Raw Material

Our products are made out of The Lenzing Lyocell fibre helping our products to have a 83% lower Carbon Footprint compared to a generic comparable fibre.

Sustainable Processes

We also use Melanges for many colours substituting the resource intensive natural dyeing process, thus reducing water and electricity consumption.

Sustainable Finishes

We have used plant based Anti-Odor finishes from “SvanteGroup”. These are safe for skin and manufactured with eco-friendly sources. Finishes helps in killing >99% of odor causing bacteria’s keeping you fresh.

Sustainable packaging

Not leaving any loophole behind, the use of sustainable 100% recycled plastics for packaging. With a zero plastic waste policy, we promote reusing the packaging too.

From finishes to fabric to overall construction, our flawless collection will make your day both comfortable as well as effortless and help you keep the Earth cool !