Svante X Gloot

Svante, a nanotechnology enabled  plant based sustainable women led  startup, partnered with Gloot in their new Menswear collection.


Women-led, nanotech-enabled sustainable solution start-up Svante has teamed up with Gloot by Nykaa Fashion for their new Men's intimate wear collection, which will be launched this summer. To improve functionality, Svante will coat Gloot intimate wear with an antimicrobial, skin-protective coating.  

This is the first time in Indian history that a breakthrough all natural plant based skin healing, antibacterial treatment for intimate garments has been implemented. This Finish allows Gloot's Menswear range to stand out and provide value to customers while also kicking off a new trend. 

This Plant derivative based finish keeps the underwear fresher for longer, provides antibacterial advantages to the wearer, reduces the need to scratch and itch, and keeps the genital area hydrated and moisturized. 

Isha Aggarwal, co-founder of Svante, says, "It's a fantastic opportunity to give a long-term solution to a highly prevalent problem." 

Svante, an Indian Startup has invested 2 years to develop this patented Technology, which competes with the chemical and metal based finishes and is made In India in collaboration with Vellore Institute of Technology.  

Isha Aggarwal, an entrepreneurship post graduate from UC Berkeley and Kavya Bhupal a postgraduate from NIFT in Fashion Management teamed up with Professor Arun Kumar Palaniappan from Vellore Institute of Technology and created this product which is versatile  enough to be sprayed onto the garments directly by consumers and retails on Amazon as well. 

“The dream was to create a product which is simple to implement and solves major skin  issues while being natural and sustainable.” quotes Kavya Bhupal, Co-founder Svante.  

Svante is a Laboratory cum Manufacturing facility providing holistic solutions to treat  intimate wear, active wear, sleepwear wear, Basic Toiletries and Linen. Svante is an after wash Plant based, active ingredient Nano-encapsulated solution that upon spraying or coating  would transfer Nano capsules containing active ingredients to the fabric. On contact with the human body and skin, due to friction, these capsules would burst and would provide benefits on the skin.  

This partnership is a breakthrough technology implementation by which we are providing  skin protective functionality with longer shelf lives.