“Never getting caught adjusting ourselves” was our core problem solving area when we conceptualized Gloot.

Derived from the insight that “Ill-fitted underwear can mess up your daily routine”. The Move and Chill range of Gloot innerwear’s have a specially designed Crotch pattern, which gives that additional space to your prized assets.

SAC – Smooth Anti Bulge Comfort 

is the name of the game. Powered by SAC support, our innerwear ensures a “No-Bulge” appearance to lay the right foundation for your everyday outfit. Wear our underwear’s to avoid those awkward junk adjusting jiffies.

The search for a good pair of underwear to always support you whether you are at work or working out is no longer daunting. Our products with SAC tech patterns are designed to offer you optimum support as well as comfort.