Why Should You Buy Organic Cotton Underwear?

Why Should You Buy Organic Cotton Underwear?

“Undies or underwear can be made of any fabric”. Do you agree with this statement? Well, we would be partially agreeing to it. Ask us why and we would say that underwear is nothing less than second skin for you. It is something worn on your body straight and hence, it has direct contact with your genital parts.

This clearly indicates that the fabric definitely needs attention. This is an acknowledged fact that you want your underwear to be comfortable, durable, and most importantly it should not harm your private parts. So why ignore the fabric, your underwear is made up of?

There is one pleasant fabric used to manufacture underwear since ages. Any guesses? It is our very own cotton. People prefer wearing not only cotton clothes but cotton underwear as well because it keeps them cozy, is inexpensive and at the same time does not cause any kind of rash or redness in their intimate area.

Since, you know that your underwear is the closest thing to your skin so it must be chosen in a way that keeps it away from the cons of fabrics such as chemicals, bleached fabrics, etc. 

How to choose the right underwear fabric?

Well, the first thing that you must keep in mind while choosing the fabric for your underwear is to make sure that it does not contain any kind of chemicals. Various fabrics are dyed with chemicals and pose a serious threat to your skin. These chemicals would make you feel irritated and at the same time, there might be some bacterial growth that can cause skin infections. As the chemicals keep on rubbing against your skin for a longer time, it might make your skin sensitive and discomforting. So, choose the fabric of your underwear wisely. 

History of cotton as a fabric!

The cotton plant produces a delicate, fluffy staple fiber known as cotton. It develops in a ball around the plant's seeds. Cotton fiber is almost entirely composed of cellulose. Independent of one another, several Old and New World civilizations reported using cotton for textile production. 

The use of cotton dates back to at least 5000 BC in the Old World. Mehrgarh site in Pakistan's Kacchi Plain, the Tehuacán Valley in Mexico, and many more such places are known to have been site to cotton used way back. Indian cotton was mentioned by Herodotus in the fifth century BC. Alexander the Great's armies who invaded India began donning cotton clothing because it was more comfortable than their woolen attire.

Why invest in buying organic cotton underwear?

Organic cotton is the most common fabric which is used to create inner wear, underwear, and even loungewear. Brands dealing with intimate wear are increasingly using cotton as the main fabric to manufacture innerwear. There are several properties of organic cotton like moisture wicking, soft, breathable, and most importantly environment friendly that makes it a completely ethical fabric to create innerwear.

Let's dive right into the extraordinary benefits of organic cotton being used in underwear.

  • Fit for the environment

Well, the biggest reason why brands and even people are picking underwear made of organic cotton is that it is environmental friendly. This means that buying organic underwear would hearten healthy soil cultivation. Unlike synthetic fabrics, cotton fabric is 100% safe for humans as well as for the environment. Synthetics, on the other hand, are a big threat not just to humans but to the environment as well.

  • Allows your skin to breathe

Ever thought why you feel a bit exhausted in certain types of fabric? One of the probable causes is that they are not breathable. Yes, not every fabric has this property, unlike cotton. This fabric allows your skin to breathe and at the same time absorbs your sweat. As a durable fabric, it does not trap heat or make you sweat more than usual. It gives you a relaxed feel once it is accompanying you next to your skin. So, buy cotton underwear and feel the difference. 

  • Finer Quality

Quality is something that matters the most when it comes to innerwear. Buying underwear is not a tedious task but knowing the quality beforehand is. You need to be conscious about the fabric you are choosing for your underwear. Why? Because, it has direct contact with your skin and you cannot take any chances with it, can you? It even takes care of your skin and protects it from any kind of skin damage. 

  • Prevents bacterial infections

There’s a high risk of bacterial growth and infection in the intimate area of our body, would you agree? Yes, most people would agree with this and hence this is true too. Organic cotton underwear are free from chemicals. This means that yeast infections, bacterial growth, or any kind of toxins would not ever reach your skin through cotton underwear. 

  • Offers more comfort

Although, we cannot neglect the fact that wearing funky-colored fashion underwear can be fun, unlike them, cotton underwear offers you something which they do not - the comfort. Underwear is to be worn every day so they have to be comfortable enough for all day long. 

Final Words

Hopefully, you must have liked the fact that cotton underwear is environmentally friendly. Well, it is recyclable too. Yes, you heard that right. We have given you ample reasons to buy organic cotton underwear over any other for comfort, safety, durability and much more. 

So, what would you choose - styling or comfort?