Why Do You Need Athletic Underwear?

Why Do You Need Athletic Underwear?

Hey Mate!

Since you are here we are assuming that you have already started your fitness journey. Or maybe your gym mates are pestering you to invest in athletic underwear. Mr. Curious lion this time they are right.

You know the precious gems you hide under are too valuable to get crushed during workouts.

Remember the time when you were a kid, a small accident down there would cause a lot of pain? Ouch! It hurts even thinking about it. Running or climbing, fighting or dancing you were always protecting that part from getting hurt. Why back down now?


Now, it doesn’t matter if you are Christiano Ronaldo, or Roger Federer. Your health from top to bottom is as important as your football team winning English Premier League. One goal matters man. In the same way, your investment in your undies matters.

Good athletic underwear will dry away the sweat, keep you supported, and pack your jewels in one place. Your gym session will become a breeze and you will be thanking your athletic underwear.

Reasons to Invest in Athletic Underwear


1. Support

That’s a no-brainer. Unlike normal cotton underpants, sports underwear supports your mane by keeping you tucked in one place. When jumping jacks or sprinting your jewels won’t jiggle but will stay sturdy. The supportive pouch in athletic underwear, a modern development keeps your scrotum and balls separate from your body.

Some underpants also have strings to adjust the pouch according to the intensity.

2. Recovery

Unbelievable! Right?

Your underpants can help with the recovery process - thanks to the compression added to them. Ever heard of compression underwear? Compression underwear is new to the list – it helps in circulating blood and oxygen. They relieve you from pain by providing rapid blood flow to the muscles, which in turn requires oxygen. It’s worth investing in underwear that eases soreness and stiffness.

3. Lift

Apart from support, your athletic underwear will be lifting your gems (talk about anti-gravity). Usually, your body has to hold your sack from falling, but not anymore. You will have a friend to pick up your sack while supporting them gently. Instead of getting mashed up during workouts, you can give your 100% to those abs.

4. Isolation

You don’t want to come between your thighs every time you make a complex move. Athletic underwear keeps your goods from hurting by keeping them away from your legs - Happy and Accommodated. No friction or chaffing, you don’t need to buy creams to remove those irritating rashes. The light fabric used maintains breathability. Doesn’t a pair of underwear that keeps you fresh, odour-proof, wicks away moisture, and dries quickly sound perfect?

5. Freedom

With all the benefits listed above this comes with no surprise. Let me tell you just like a good pair of sports shoes protects your ankle while assisting in the workout, a good pair of athletic underwear gives you the freedom to give your best to your sport. The fabric is soft against your skin with the proper support. Unlike normal cotton underwear which feels heavy and sweaty, this one feels like a breeze.

Choosing the Right Underwear

Now, that you are aware of the major benefits, let's get you sorted on the kinds of athletic underwear available in the market. 

Brands - The best brands that take the design and feel of athletic underwear seriously are Jockey, Hanes, Nike, Puma, Stance Windsor, Gymshark, and Runderwear and newbies like Gloot around. You can add in your personal favorite too. They provide you with absorbent, flexible, smooth, and sturdy underpants. 

Price - Although, sports underwear feels pricey than normal ones, they are worth every penny. Good underwear range might start from Rs 500 and go higher. Plus, most of them could be affordable in the long run, as they won't be getting ruined after a CrossFit session.

Types - While, hunting for athletic underwear you will find them mostly as Boxers or Briefs. Boxers as you know, have a mid-thigh length to protect your skin from chafing. Briefs are more minimalistic. They work well for guys who are on the slimmer side of the scale. Your comfort while choosing matters the most.

Fabric - The fabric should have elastane, polyester, nylon, and sometimes cotton mixed with modern fibers. Nylon and polyester are perfect for removing sweat while giving that stretch and flexibility.

Final Note

Go for underwear that ticks most of the benefits above to make the right choice. It should fit perfectly on your butt, securing everything in place, feel like a feather and dry quickly. Don’t settle for anything less. In fact, there are also multiple colors and prints you can choose from. You can go sophisticated or wonky with them.  

It’s time to not miss out on the invention of modern technology. Keep your cotton briefs for lounging and rock the gym ‘well endowed.’