What Should You Wear Under Shorts When You Workout

What Should You Wear Under Shorts When You Workout

Workout wear should be comfortable, that’s the first rule. And while you can choose pure cotton for the soft touch on the skin, polyester or spandex can be better at soaking the moisture induced from high-intensity workouts. The same rule applies to underwear as well, while the sweat can be considerably less, we’re all aware of the possibility of butt sweat. And the sweat from your upper body naturally trickles down to the underwear too. Hence, having the right undergarments, with the right fit and material, is an integral part of your workout wear. Ahead, we’ve a fool-proof guide for what is the perfect underwear for workouts. 

What Undergarments Should You Wear When You Workout

Before we get into the details of the cuts and styles, picking an underwear with anti-microbial technology, which allows you to stay dry and fresh down there, should be the most ideal pick for you. 

Types of styles to choose from for you undergarments under workout shorts


Trunks are the ideal size to be your workout underwear. They are not too long like boxer briefs and not too short as briefs, which will remove the possibility of any rashes on the thighs as well. Choose polyester or spandex that is easy on the skin and soaks up the butt sweat as well as any moisture exuded during the workout. 

Boxer briefs

The same goes for boxer briefs as well, in terms of the materai. While they’re very similar to trunks, they’re just a little longer, which assures a more secure fit and hence they are the second best option for underwear for workouts. Also, if you are wearing shorts and these peek out, it’s nothing to worry about. 


The mention of briefs might be confusing, since they do not cover a lot of area and invite the possibility of rashes. But, they’re ideal for when you are wearing body-fit tight shorts for your workouts. Choose a polyester or spandex brief for a comfort fit, under your tight shorts. However, please make sure that you avoid them while wearing regular or loose-fit shorts. 

Materials to choose from for you undergarments under workout shorts. 


Cotton might not be the best choice, but if it's a staple for you and all your different styles of underwear–hoping you have different ones for different pants–then cotton is not the worst choice for workout underwear. However, be prepared to be soaked in sweat, because butt sweat, and lower-back sweat that trickles, is real. All in all, while cotton is alright, it shouldn’t be your first choice. 

Polyester or Spandex

The ideal material for any and every apparel used for workout, polyester or spandex are absolutely perfect for undergarments for workouts. As mentioned before, the material is easy to breathe, soft and light, which ensures you’re not feeling too heavy while working out. The fabric is deemed to be sweat-resistant, odor-absorbent and antimicrobial, which is the perfect trio to establish them as the perfect underwear for workouts on shorts.