What is a premium T-shirt?

What is a premium T-shirt?

Say Hi to Premium T-shirt!!

A premium T-shirt is a high-quality T-shirt made from 100% organic cotton. It is softer, stronger, and more durable than your normal T-shirt. Even though a premium T-shirt is expensive but its perks are worth the expense. Constructed in a body-hugging fashion, its silky smooth texture is comforting to your skin. Another benefit of a premium t-shirt is that you can customize it to your liking.

Sound’s exciting right?

Let us see what goes behind the scenes in making a premium t-shirt.

How Premium T-shirts are made? 

It may seem to you that good quality T-shirts are made by exploiting natural resources and using a lot of harmful chemicals but it’s quite the opposite. 

The organic cotton used is produced by using manure not chemicals, which enriches the soil. It has far better quality than normal cotton. The fibers are combed just like your hair to remove dirt and they are ring spurned to make long cotton yarn. This is the reason it is softer and stronger. The thread count is kept higher around 40 singles so that the fabric is breathable, plush, and sturdy. The process is eco-friendly and comes under the radar of sustainable fashion. 

What makes a premium T-shirt different?

Texture – It is silky and looks chic on you as it hugs your body in the right ways.

Durability - A large number of fibers give it strength to bear the harsh detergents. It stays fresh like a flower.

Fabric – 100% organic cotton used not only gives a better feel but it makes the dyes and designs print better than a regular T-shirt.

Exclusive features

You know a premium tshirt is durable, comfortable and comes with great texture. But is that all?

No, my friend there is much more than a premium T-shirt will offer to you and you will be thanking the Gods for purchasing one. 

Let’s see all the reasons to invest:

  • Cheaper in the long run
  • At first, a premium t-shirt might feel like a hole in your wallet. But it is not.

    You know fast fashion has put a dent in the environment and our budgets. It’s always wiser to buy a high-quality t-shirt for the long run than to buy 6 regular ones. It saves money, your precious time, and the environment.

    Regular t-shirts get ruined after a few washes but a premium t-shirt maintains its look and feels for years. You will spend your hard-earned cash once on the best thing in the market than 10 times. Remember, a premium T-shirt is an investment, not a luxury.

  • Sustainable 
  • You know a t-shirt isn’t just a piece of clothing when it is a part of sustainable fashion. 

    The reason for this is the use of manure rather than harsh pesticides, and fertilizers. Farmers invest their time and energy to produce organic cotton in the ways of Mother Nature. It is better than the cotton produced by companies which leads to hazards and the quality of your t-shirt is also degraded. 

    Did you know organic cotton needs less water than a normal one?

  • Build personal brand
  • If you have a personal brand or you want to get customized t-shirts for your company, it's always better to go for a premium t-shirt. Since the fit and construction look chic and the touch is softer on the skin - your brand gets associated with high standards subconsciously in the minds of the people.

    When clothing lasts long and is super comfortable people ought to wear it more. This helps in the promotion of your brand and help you get associated with high standards. Sounds like a good deal to me!

  • Contribution to the planet
  • We think that only by doing big things we can make a difference. But is that true? 

    I bet you will agree that it’s the small choices that lead to long-lasting good changes in the world. When you embrace eco-friendly and sustainable fashion for the good you contribute significantly.

    Just the way you save electricity, and water and avoid using plastics, you contribute to the planet. When choosing to buy a premium t-shirt you put the betterment and safety of the planet and your future generations before you. 

    Pros and Cons

    Now here comes the logic part. What are the cons of a premium t-shirt? Or are the pros score over the cons? Let us see!


    • High quality
    • Fashion fit
    • Sustainable
    • Comfortable
    • Lasts longer than a regular one


    • Expensive
    • Need one size larger
    • Limited pieces to choose from as costlier

    Bottom Line

    The benefits of a premium t-shirt reach far and wide beyond just decorating your wardrobe. But you should remember that you should not splurge on them but rather invest.  A premium t-shirt is full of comfort and love that a farmer puts from producing organic cotton to spinning the long yarn and dyeing it for you. It is worth your hard-earned money if you know you can trust the brand.