What Are Trunks Underwear - Uses, Differences, Advantages

What Are Trunks Underwear - Uses, Differences, Advantages

Living in the 22nd century, you ought to be introduced to the concept of trunk underwear. While it was a little alien in earlier times and demanded an explanation from the male folk, it is one of the most common styles of underwear sold in today’s time. For the uninitiated, trunks underwear is a hybrid between boxers and a brief. An innovation the male innerwear market didn’t know it needed. Offering extra coverage for boxers and the support and fabric softness of a brief, the trunk is an extremely versatile design for male underwear.

Trunks underwear and its versatility aka the plethora of uses it offers


Comfort is of paramount importance and priority in most buying patterns for mens innerwear. Thereby making trunks a great pick in the big world of mens underwear bottoms. Always evolving with the inclusion of new technologies: keep the underwear dry for longer periods, aid in drying it quickly when wet (think workout or quick wash, also you won’t have to go commando) and prevents chafing. While the elastic is strong in most underwear, the weaker hem stitching is what causes the trunks to move up and create an uncomfortable situation, naturally leading your fingers to fix the situation down there.



There’s nothing that beats a well-supported underwear. And while briefs can be a little bit juggly for the business down there, trunks are just about perfect. With added support that extends to the quads, the support is much better than any other form of underwear. While they are similar to boxers, trunks actually fit your body from the inseam, hence establishing them as better providers of support. However, one of the biggest issues with trunks is the sliding up of the inseam, which results in discomfort and constant need for adjusting. This is where the no-ride-up feature of Gloot’s trunks becomes a total gamechanger. It basically ensures the underwear stays in place all through the day. Obviously, you do not want to have yourself interacting with the crotch area at work or even in public.

 Flaunt that butt

It is no secret now that men are also conscious about their butts. We see you absolutely crushing those squats at the gym. And, let’s face it, men love to flaunt their butt. A task that is almost impossible with great fitting underwear. Trunks make this super easy too. So, you know that next time you are wearing a pair of chinos or trousers that are tight on the butt, make sure to get a pair of well-fitting trunks too.

Active lifestyle

Most men have an active lifestyle and that naturally means there will be sweat down there. So, all you need is something that cools you off, maintains the temperature and allows your crotch area to stay fresh for longer periods. While developing the tech-based underwear, Gloot took this into consideration as well. Cue, the cool off mesh zone. This part sits right below your crotch and allows sufficient airflow to keep you cool and fresh through a long day. These trunks are a great friend during sporting activities, runs and even days at the gym.

Next up, let’s tell you how Trunks are different from other forms of underwear

Best fit

Offering best coverage, prime cotton and a great overall elasticity, it is tough to argue that trunks are the best fitting type of underwear on the market right now. With the seam extending to the thighs, the great butt support and extended layering at the crotch make them different from briefs and boxers.

Hybrid design

Trunks were born when briefs and boxers came together. Also known as boxer briefs, trunks are a unique design that are a hybrid between the loose but long and tight but short briefs. Trunks are tight and long, making them different from other types of briefs and underwear but still the perfect ones.

To finish things off, here are some advantages of Trunks

Great coverage

In case we haven’t reiterated this enough, one of the biggest advantages of trunks is the extended coverage that they offer.


While it’s true that there are different underwear for different occasions for men, trunks are the versatile ones that you can wear almost anywhere. They’re perfect on suits as they extend the trouser comfort and allow you to tuck in your shirts well too. Trunks are great for the everyday as they go with all pants and provide all-day long comfort. With their supreme comfort, trunks become a great choice for workouts and athletic activities too.