What are Joggers?

What are Joggers?

Joggers. They were the trendiest athletic wear in town. You know everyone was supporting them while running their ass off. But that was the past. Now, joggers have come a loooooooong way. 

From the jogging track to your office desk - this trend became a necessity. They just clicked with us all. The comfort was so... you get it right?

But how does athleisure makes its way from the gym to your desk? What is so special about joggers that Gen Z fell in love with them?

Defining Joggers

Joggers is an athletic pant, that is wide at the top and tapers at the bottom - perfect for a morning run. The waist is supported with elastic with or without a drawstring. This cool dude is made from a lightweight, soft, comforting fabric as it tapers down from your thighs and clenches your ankle nicely. 

They are like sweatpants 2.0 with many upgrades. All thanks to Mr. Emile Camuset – a runner and designer (bless him) for making these super pants that have made you ditch your jeans.

What makes Joggers special?

You must have worn them at some point or maybe you are wearing one right now. Aren’t they comfortable?

Let's see what makes them so popular apart from the comfort factor.

Versatile – Joggers are a hybrid between sweatpants and fitted trousers. They have the best of both. The fitted style goes perfectly with all kinds of outfits. They are perfect for shopping, binging on Netflix, and even for a date if you are a fashionista.

Fabric – Who doesn’t love cotton? Joggers are made from our all-time fav fabric - cotton. The fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking, and comfy. Fleece and polyester are also used to assist in the winter season. 

Design – Clenched at the waist, slightly loose at hips, tapering all the way to your ankles, and elasticated at the ankles - this is the hotshot design of your Joggers. The design is flattering and easy to support.

Flexibility – That is a no-brainer. Since joggers are athletic wear they provide a lot of flexibility. The flexible nature gives your legs extra comfort. You can easily run when getting late for work – the perk of stylish athletic wear. 

Comfort – Joggers are made for it. They are flexible, soft, lightweight, easy to wear, and stylish. All the traits of cool- comfortable - chic athletic wear. You can dance, walk, jog, sit, and eat in your comfort zone.

Types of Joggers

Sporty Joggers - These are your classic joggers made for high-intensity sports. The athleisure is made from technical fabrics meant for wicking moisture. The design is sleek yet allows for a large range of movement. Sporty Joggers are the basic active wear for your fitness needs.

Twill Joggers - The casual friendly vibe these joggers have makes them ideal for daily use. If you are not a fan of denim these are your ideal pants for running errands. 

Lounge Joggers - These take a chill pill kind of jogger - fabricated for your lazy day. If you want to binge on Netflix or your couch potato is kicking in, they will make your day. Fleece makes them perfect for a lazy winter day.

How to style Joggers?

Joggers are a match made in heaven for gym goers, but they are also extremely versatile. You can pair it with any kind of upper wear to enhance your look.

“The reason I like joggers is the comfort they provide. I always support them while running errands or going on a drive with wifey. On the days, I feel low I even style them for office as well,” says Sanyog, an IT professional in Noida.

Styling Joggers

A quick fix to carry the casual yet chic look is to pair them with a fitted T-shirt or a sweatshirt. If you feel experimental, try to layer it up with a denim jacket or blazer while wearing a casual button-down. You can get dressed up in a slightly fitted shirt, joggers, and loafers. It gives you an edgy smart look. As for the shoes, sneakers or floaters sit well with joggers for a day out with friends. 


Now, you know why joggers are our favorite. Hell, even celebrities keep experimenting with them. Go for low or high-performance sports, spend time with kids, go on a date, or Netflix, and chill joggers are always there to help.