What Are Athletic Shorts

What Are Athletic Shorts


First things first, let’s acquaint you with the concept of athletic shorts. Mostly made with dry-fit polyester, these shorts are ideal for sporting and running activities and different from leisure shorts, which are better for lounging and staying in. Athletic shorts are made with lighter fabric, which allows you to stay fresh through strenuous activities and reduces any extra weight on the body. 

Let’s break down the concept of athletic shorts to understand them better. 

How to find the right pair? 

When it comes to Athletic Shorts, it is imperative that they are the perfect pair for you. An uncomfortable style could lead to a range of movement issues, which can be an unnecessary roadblock in your fitness journey. Broadly, there are three things that one must look at while choosing athletic shorts. 


For them to be made with dry-fit polyester material and allowing you to breathe well is the most important. 


If there is no comfort, the purpose of these shorts is redundant. The more comfortable they are, the better it is for you to perform your athletic activities. 


Athletic activities are of vast variety and hence it becomes necessary for athletic shorts to be versatile in nature too. 

While these three aspects are key to finding the perfect athletic shorts, let’s get to know this in more detail. 


Material matters

If your athletic shorts are made with cotton, the purpose won’t be served right. Finding a polyester blend that is ultra-light should work best, in all cases. 

Remove moisture

Since they are made of polyester, athletic shorts will not absorb any liquid, which will help in removal of any moisture in them too. Not only do they stay fresh, they keep you on light and easy too. 


With excessive perspiration during strenuous and intense athletic activities, the mention of odour is natural. But, athletic shorts are made with materials that are anti-odour thanks to the breathability of the fabric and a pre-fragranced nature. 



If there are large, double-stitched seams on your shorts the purpose won’t be served. Seamless shorts are ideal as they slide easy with sweat, and remove any possibility of rashes on thighs or other parts of the body. 


Elasticity is equally important too, a tight pair that doesn’t move with you, isn’t your best friend for a good workout or gym session. 


Versatility and being adaptable for all forms of workout is also another key factor for athletic shorts. Right from the gym to a casual sporty day, a trek or even a hectic sports and cycling day, these shorts must have you covered through all the events.