There’s no style like comfort

There’s no style like comfort

One can’t help but remember the adage from our grandfathers’ days about how you simply cannot be considered stylish if you don’t feel comfortable. Designers, stylists, and opinion leaders in the twenty-first century seem to have taken this saying to heart. Gone are the times when we were required to squeeze ourselves into skinny jeans in the name of style. Therefore, combining utility and a clean, minimalist aesthetic athleisure wear is here and it is here to stay for a long time. 

The dawn of athleisure has brought with it the mainstreaming of the track pants of yore. No longer just for sporting activities, the updated joggers of today’s culture are accepted in almost every situation and location. From advanced and futuristic fabrics to the fusion of trousers and elastic waists, the jogger now comes in every avatar imaginable and is the perfect base for outfits suited to any activity. Be it multipurpose, durable, and trendy, joggers give a stylish and comfortable look for any occasion. They are made from technical materials used in high-quality athletics, making them breathable and gentle on the skin. 

Athletic-casual clothing is becoming more acceptable for use in a wide range of social contexts. From the very obvious use of comfortable loungewear at home or for travel, the wider acceptance of sweatpants across the world means that offices and posh restaurants willingly welcome them too. Today a man is not considered underdressed or out of place for turning out in his sweats for a soiree. With great comfort and amazing styling, joggers have become a staple in everyday life, whether worn at work or while running. 

Athleisure wear has provided individuals with balance in their hectic lifestyle by offering a variety of joggers that are comfortable, contemporary, fashionable, and sophisticated. Just as with other trendy apparel, joggers have been given many makeovers of late. From collaborations that put cartoons on them to famous designers making sequinned and studded versions for their runway presentations. But nothing detracts from the versatility of the basic pared-back pair of running pants. With an easy fit and a chic, elegant and casual look, the basic joggers are defining fashion with comfort. 

For the gym, work, street, and casual outings, House of Nykaa Fashion present its Gloot joggers. With its focus on high performance, technical fabric, and advanced construction, the Gloot jogger is made available in eight different colours, each with a great base to build your daily looks. These basic men's joggers are made of superior combed cotton and have an easy fit with a drawstring fastening. With a uniquely designed crotch that provides anti-bulge comfort, these men's joggers are a must-have in your closet. It also offers a handy side pocket for carrying your phone, keys, or whatever fits. The anti-stain and anti-odor characteristics keep you fresh and clean throughout the day. Whether you’re headed to the gym or the movies, on a trip to the mountains, or just taking a flight, these joggers are a must-have, must-carry, and must-buy. 


Stay Fresh, Stay Relaxed.