The Dilemma of T-shirts - Crew Neck or V Neck

The Dilemma of T-shirts - Crew Neck or V Neck

Crew Neck or V Neck. What type of t-shirt should you go for? When to wear a crew neck tee and when to wear a v-neck tee? Every time you went shopping for t-shirts, you questioned which kind of t-shirt would match best with what kind of bottoms. Or should you get a t-shirt that is fitted or loose? Ah, yes, there are a lot of questions, however, you have come to the right place to know all the answers. 

First of all, to begin with there are two types of t-shirts to take into account: the timeless crew neck t-shirts and the versatile V-neck. The one major distinction is just their necklines and the overall fit is the same. The Crew neck t-shirts are the ones with round necks and the V-neck t-shirts feature (yeah, I know you already know) a v-shaped neck. 

Let's get into the specifics

Now let's talk about the t-shirts in detail and the main considerations about them:

The crew neck t-shirt is a classic and timeless piece, and always a go-to t-shirt in summers for that comfortable and edgy look.

A V-neck t-shirt works well for layering in fall or winter and lends itself more to a casual, semi-formal environment.

Crew neck t-shirts are mostly relaxed and oversized fit, whereas, V-neck t-shirts are relaxed as well as snug fit.  

Crew neck t-shirts are more inclined towards casual wear. On the other hand, V-neck t-shirts can be worn for casual as well as professional environments.

Both Crew neck and V-neck tees can be worn separately and under shirts or jackets. 

Style Guide Considerations

If going for a casual look for a college or friends get-together, opt for graphic and colorful tees for an easy-going and informal look. If more on a professional side, opt for subtle and pastel hues for office meetings or social occasions.  

In the summer, it is advisable to go for a looser, wider-fitting t-shirt (crew neck or v neck) to get a casual yet stylish style. For brunch or an evening gathering, wear crew neck t-shirts with baggy jeans or joggers and for an edgy yet fashionable style, pair a V-neck t-shirt with boxer shorts. Look for loose-fitting bottoms in the spring and summer to get a cooler, breathable ensemble overall. 

Wear your preferred t-shirt (crew neck or v-neck) with a jumper or cardigan in the fall or winter for a stylish and jazzy look. To make your appearance look more professional and appropriate for the workplace, wear v-neck t-shirts underneath a blazer. Make sure the t-shirt is snug on your body but not too tight. T-shirts with the right fit are important to take into account while layering; otherwise, loose t-shirts give off a sloppy impression, and a V-neckline won't lie flat against your body if it's too large.

T-shirts, whether Crew neck or V-neck, are straightforward, but that doesn't imply they have to be uninteresting. Moreover, accessories are the finest way to spice up any outfit. Think about the styles that you can always pull off and get inventive.