Swim Shorts vs Swim Trunks: Everything you need to know

Swim Shorts vs Swim Trunks: Everything you need to know

Assuming you’re not an Italian stallion without inhibitions, you probably won’t choose the swim brief, which largely leaves you with two main options - the swim trunk or swim/ board shorts.Here’s a lowdown on which is ideal for swimming, surfing, sunbathing, or simply relaxing by the pool. 

From a robust fabric that functions well in water to the ideal inseam and silhouette, which one is suitable for your other aquatic rendezvous? The answer depends on how you like to spend your day and what you want to achieve. So let’s look into two summertime staples to assist and help you in making a smart choice and buy accordingly.

Swim Shorts

Swim shorts, commonly referred to as board shorts, are shorts that are created primarily for high-intensity water sports. Most swim shorts have a relaxed and loose fit. While swim shorts typically don't have pockets, they occasionally do include a back or side pocket. Swim shorts are often made of high-performance and quick-drying fabrics. They often feature a non-elastic waistband that is designed to provide a comfortable fit around the torso and also include a velcro fly as well as a drawstring fastening to keep them in place. Made from polyester and nylon, swim shorts are comfortable to wear all day in and out of the water, and generally, their inseam lengths are sixteen to twenty inches long, sitting just above the knee. Moreover, while hanging out at home or going for a quick run, swim shorts can also be worn as casual wear.

Swim Trunks

Swim trunks are short and loose swimsuit bottoms that can be worn at the beach, for swimming, surfing, or even simply more poolside lounging. They are lightweight when wet and are constructed of quick-drying once out of the water. Swim trunks include inner mesh lining for comfort, and traditionally, mesh lining in swim trunks has been utilized to offer support while swimming or engaging in other water activities. Crafted with comfortable materials and synthetics like polyester, spandex, or nylon, swim trunks frequently have elasticized drawstring waists and may include back or front slanted side pockets. While swim trunks can be any length, they are commonly shorter than swim shorts. It depends on your taste, but swim trunks come in a wide range of inseam lengths, with short three- and four-inch to longer seven- and nine-inch lengths exposing most of the thigh.   

Swim Shorts vs Swim Trunks: Which one to go for?

All things considered, the choice between swim shorts or swim trunks is a matter of personal preference and necessity.

Although both types of shorts are appropriate for a variety of outdoor activities, they do have a few distinct functions. In most cases, swim shorts are a better option for surfing since they provide additional protection, a velcro fly, and feature a little more length. If you are going swimming, relaxing by the pool or beach, and other laid-back activities, swim trunks are an excellent choice. 

If you are looking in terms of fit, swim shorts are longer and droopier at the waist, giving them a more relaxed or athletic appearance. Swim trunks are wide legs and look a bit boxier, giving a more classic silhouette. 

Moreover, there is a vast selection of designs, patterns, and styles available for both. Whatever type of swim shorts or swim trunks you go with, make sure you’re having fun in them.