Sweatpants vs Joggers?

Sweatpants vs Joggers?

Nah, you should not worry about which one is best. 

Because my friend sweatpants vs joggers is not a fight we should get into, as your winter wardrobe will thank you for both. We know there are some similarities but the unique features are worth every penny.

The time has come for you to start loading up on the most popular athleisure comfort wear before your shorts get packed for a long holiday.

Let's get your wardrobe cozy and chic.

What do you mean by Sweatpants?

  • Thick
  • Warm
  • Straight cut

The purpose of sweatpants comes from their name. Here read it- SWEATPANTS. These are thick, warm and cozy, meant to give you warmth during cold weather. Sweatpants are heavy and baggy with a straight bootcut design. They function as active and loungewear. These are multipurpose pants that look cute with a hoodie on.

Defining Joggers

  • Sleek
  • Lightweight
  • Clenched at ankles

Joggers also come in the category of athletic wear. But they are meant to keep you cool. They were designed to cool your legs down during jogs. For better mobility, the design is sleek, fabric lightweight, and clenched at the ankles. Joggers are also used for daily wear, they are comfortable and a stylish substitute for denim.

What are the parameters that make them unique? 

Before getting into sweatpants vs joggers, just keep in mind these few factors to make the right choice for yourself. Oh yeah, and help your loved ones too!

  • Design
  • Fabric
  • Purpose


Design – Sweatpants are loose. They won't stick to your bum or thighs. The fabric is thick to give you warmth. For some, it would feel heavy on the waist and legs. But in winter it gives comfort plus ease of movement. The ankle is also flat and the waist is elasticized. 

Fabric - Pure cotton sweatpants are breathable, light plus sweat absorbent. They can be used in summer as well. Fleece, spandex, cotton blend, and polyester contribute to heaviness and warmth. Spandex and polyester sweatpants are designed for yoga and running respectively.

Purpose - Sweatpants are considered as the ideal athletic wear for everyone. They were designed for extreme mobility but they became popular as loungewear due to the freedom they provide. So, if you want to use them as activewear and loungewear on the go, you can.


Design – Unlike sweatpants, joggers are light and tight – make you look chic. Joggers as you know are fitted but they are airy as well. The slim-style athletic pants are perfect for your morning run. The inseam can go beyond your ankle or it can be above it. They have an elastic band along with a drawstring.

Fabric - Joggers are also made from cotton, polyester, fleece, or a blend of fibers. The only thing that you should consider is the thickness of the fabric. Joggers also contain blends that make them moisture-wicking so that you don’t get irritated during heavy workouts.

Purpose - Before athleisure became mainstream, joggers were only used for sports, running, and everything athletic. They are still a perfect choice for physical activity. But they are also a fashionable and comfortable choice for daily use. Pair it with a T-shirt, hoodie, or shirt for running errands or for a stroll at night.

Sweatpants vs Joggers - which one is the best?

Some factors that would assist you in the fight of sweatpants vs joggers are:

  • Season – Joggers can be worn in summer as well as winter depending on the fabric. Sweat pants are mostly preferred for winters as they are a blend of warm fibers.
  • Fit- If you prefer a fitted and sexy look and want to use your athletic pants for going out, then go for joggers. If you want loose pants for a stroll at night with your bae or just binging on Netflix go for the coziness of sweatpants.
  • Activity – Joggers are better for physical activity as they are fitted and mobility is the same as sweatpants. Sweat pants are also great for sports during cold temperatures.
  • Style – Joggers are more stylish. No doubt about that. They have landed in the mainstream with a bang and almost replaced jeans and trousers. Sweatpants look cute too but they don’t give your legs that sex appeal but rather comfort. 

How to rock athletic bottoms?

Joggers or sweatpants both look good with hoodies and T-shirts. Joggers can give you a smart casual look with shirts, jackets, and a kurta as well if you know how to carry them. Try to go for form-fitting joggers rather than baggy ones. Sweatpants are great on T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Go for sports shoes when styling them. You can opt for canvas, sneakers, or floaters when styling joggers for a casual day out.

The man who led to the war of joggers vs sweatpants!

In the era of the 1900s Emile Camsuet, a designer worried about the comfort and design of athletic bottoms, worked hard to give us the 2 most popular pants - JOGGERS AND SWEATPANTS. Then, he did not know his designer athleisure would decorate every wardrobe on Earth.  

On a cozy day…

It does not matter if you are lazying around or going on adventures, choose the bottom that makes your bottom happy. You should be comfortable in your skin and not care about what others think. Just show your unique self with your right choice. Sweatpants vs Joggers ends with your preference.