Suit Accessories That Every Man Needs In His Formal Wardrobe

Suit Accessories That Every Man Needs In His Formal Wardrobe

As Barney Stinson said, “Suits are full of joy”. However, one thing he forgot was suit accessories are what increase that feeling of joy. Choosing which accessory to add to your formal outfit is one of the best parts of wearing a suit. It's truly like the icing on the cake. Another great thing about suit accessories is that you can use them to create a distinctive style with the same suit. Be it a formal event, a party, or just a normal day at the office, suit accessories will add ease to your outfit decisions. It is one such addition for which you’ll thank yourself for investing. Here are 5 suit accessories that every man must have in his formal wardrobe.

1) Iconic Ties

A formal wardrobe would be lacking without these iconic suit accessories. Be it a bow tie or a conventional necktie, it is one such accessory that adds grace to your outfit. Wear neutral and straightforward ties when going for a format work meeting. However, you should keep some fun shades and funky designs with different prints, patterns, textures, and fabrics as well. Moreover, you can add a unique style to ties by trying out different stylish knotting techniques.

2) Elegant Cufflinks

Cufflinks are one of the most underrated yet amazing suit accessories. They are indeed a subtle addition but it certainly enhances your outfit by adding elegance to it and bringing it all together. Moreover, matching a pair of cufflinks with your tie can hold your outfit very well. There are numerous sorts and variations of cufflinks. The ones that go well with your typical business outfit will probably have a simple metal design. However, you should also have a couple of them with gemstones or silk knots.

3.) Attractive Watches

Watch lovers and collectors will understand the importance of this item. It is one of those suit accessories that makes you feel bold and confident. A suit is incomplete without an awesome watch, whether it's for an event or just a regular business look. It is a strikingly attractive and practical addition that somehow manages to add strength and panache to your formal outfit.

Make sure the watch complements your suit and doesn't overpower it with its glam. It is one such item that will be noticed by people, so make sure you invest wisely.

4) Smart Pocket Squares

Looking to add finesse to your outfit? Then, be sure not to miss out on pocket squares. These are one of those high-quality suit accessories that provide flow to your entire outfit. One important thing to note about pocket squares is that they need not necessarily match your tie or shirt exactly. However, you should make sure that a certain shade is followed between the tie, pocket square and cufflinks.

5) Graceful Lapel Pins

Nowadays, it’s very rare to find lapel pins as part of a formal wardrobe. While it may not seem like an essential but is certainly one such suit accessory that’ll make you fall in love with itself. The different kinds of designs, patterns, and structures of lapel pins make everyone a collector once they see them.

They do give your outfit a little individuality and a fun splash too. A good collection of lapel pins will always come in handy when you are dressing for a certain type of occasion.


Suit accessories may seem like something minor but are those additions that complete and lifts your formal outfit. There is nothing right or wrong with suit accessories. However, one thing to make sure of is that you follow your look based on your personality. Moreover, if you’re ever in doubt as to which suit accessory to go with, just pick out the ones with a similar shade and you’ll never go wrong.