Style Polo-Tshirt and shorts for a casual office wear

Style Polo-Tshirt and shorts for a casual office wear

Gradually, a lot of offices are moving from the conventional formal dress code and asking employees to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, which is a great step. In such a scenario, when you don’t want to look extremely casual and want to wear something that is comfortable too, polo t-shirt and shorts can make up for great casual office wear. Here are 5 polo t-shirt and shorts combinations that you should try out:


1.) Maroon Polo T-shirt and White Shorts

Pairing a dark-coloured polo t-shirt and white shorts can really help you balance the proportion of formal and casual with great precision. The dark colour of the polo t-shirt goes very well with white shorts. It’s a super cool comfortable outfit that’ll give you a stylish vibe. Wear a pair of classic spectacles to further enhance your look.


2.) Striped Polo T-shirt and Denim Shorts

If your office has casual or fun Fridays, then this is the outfit you should go for. The striped polo t-shirt and denim shorts will give you a really amazing casual look and provide a fun vibe as well. It’ll be preferable if you go for a white polo t-shirt with dark blue stripes. However, you can make your own style as well. Pair these with a nice pair of white sneakers to complete your look and you’re good to go.


3.) White Polo T-shirt and Black Shorts

If you want to go for a classic timeless appearance, this is the look you should go for.

It is one of those outfits that’ll elevate your look. Try wearing a plain black polo t-shirt that doesn't have any heavy designs. This will make up for a straightforward outfit that will give you a decent formal look while also maintaining your casual vibe. You can pair these with a nice black watch, a pair of stylish spectacles and white sneakers to enhance your appearance.


4.) Green Polo T-shirt and Off-White Shorts

This is a fun outfit that you must add to your wardrobe right now. There isn't any hard and fast rule as to what type of green polo t-shirt you should be wearing. It's better if you create your own design. However, if you’re unsure then you can go for a dark green polo t-shirt white a few white stripes. Your off-white shorts will go very well with this t-shirt.


5.) Grey Polo T-shirt and Navy Blue Shorts

This is one of the most perfect casual office outfits. A grey polo t-shirt with navy blue shorts is something that you can wear on any of the weekdays. This amazing  pairing of blue shorts and a grey polo t-shirt exudes casual cool and comfort. Finish off this look with sky-blue sneakers to increase the cool factor.



You can try out these exciting and fun combinations of polo t-shirts and shorts in your office, and you’ll surely get quite a few compliments for your unique outfit. One thing you should keep in mind is finding the right pair of shoes and accessories to go with these outfits, as long as you can sort that out, you are ready to roll!