Mens Styling Guide - Gloot Guide

Mens Styling Guide - Gloot Guide

Dressing well is an underrated skill. It requires a lot of knowledge about your body type. There is a lot to learn about good style. However, it is actually rather easy to look sharper than various other people and only involves learning and doing small things correctly. Here is a collection of some of the finest advice that every man must follow to look the best version of themselves.


1.)  Make sure it's Versatile

It may seem like you are dressing for a particular occasion but you can never be prepared for what kind of scenarios you might have to face. Your personal style should make your day easier. It should not cause any discomfort or burden. It should be suitable for the wide range of circumstances you come across throughout the day. Therefore, it is important that your outfit of the day provides you with enough flexibility and mobility.


2.) Comfort before anything

While you may have heard or read it earlier as well. It is indeed true. Thus, always pick out outfits that provide you with extreme comfort and relaxation. One important thing to note here is that comfort does not mean lying in your baggy clothes throughout the day. It is important to wear clothes that fit you well even if it is something that is completely new for you. This will help you become more confident and find your suitable style.


3.) Invest in Quality

Quality material will always make you look better. Before purchasing an outfit, examine the cloth. A high-quality fabric will fit your body more comfortably than cheap cloth, which tends to hang stiffly. Also, take note of the fabric's gloss. Compared to low-quality fabrics, high-quality textiles have less sheen. The quantity of stitches per inch is a further aspect of quality that you should consider. The appearance and durability of your outfit's seams will be impacted by number of stitches.


4.) Don't forget to have fun!

It is one of the most important points of mens styling guide. You should experiment because there is nothing wrong with it. As long as you don't experiment, you won't find the right style. Your personal sense of style should reflect who you are. There is no one else like you; you are unique. Your clothing speaks volumes about your personality without ever saying a word. Therefore, always remember to have fun with your clothes and experiment to find the perfect style.


5.) When in doubt, go classic

It is one of the noteworthy tips from the mens styling guide. Whenever you’re in doubt and unsure of what you should wear, turn towards your classic black and white attire. You could never go wrong with these timeless colour-matching shades. There is a certain vibe about classic colours that makes you feel confident and good about yourself. Even if you enjoy wearing funky and cool clothes, never forget to keep some good solid white and black tshirts, shirts and trousers in your wardrobe.



In today’s world, it is quite important to care about your appearance so that you can make a first good impression. This mens styling guide lists down the top 5 pieces of tips that every man must follow in order to look good, unique and confident.