Men’s Fashion Trends 2022

Men’s Fashion Trends 2022

Every year we witness new fashion trends, sometimes even every single month. Thanks to fashion designers and influencers who bring us such trends and bless us with great mens fashion trends. The new fashion trends for men in 2022 include various clothing styles. Every man must know these fashion trends to rock and slay throughout this year making cheerful memories.

Mens Fashion Trends for 2022

Here are six mens fashion trends for 2022 ruling over the world:

1) Big Fits

Big fit is the fashion trend that has recently buzzed in the fashion world. This includes a baggy look. If you are a fan of Justin Bieber, then you are probably aware of this fashion trend as he always goes with big fits.
Big Fits are loose-fitting clothing items that are very popular in 2022 and give off a big-fit vibe, such as baggy shirts and baggy jeans. For men who like baggy clothes, this will be a very cool fashion-forward style to wear in 2022. Under this trend, clothes are baggy, but your essentials and fundamentals should still be nicely tailored.

2) Maximalism

As the name of the trend suggests, it's the opposite of the minimalism fashion trend; it's the aesthetic version of excess. This trend is all about utilizing every inch of clothing to make it look trendy. The year 2021 saw the onset of this trend, but we can really see this happening in 2022 in every aspect of clothing, whether it's texture, patterns, colours, and so on.
Under maximalism, you can wear very bold printed half-sleeve shirts and printed shorts with a graphic tee underneath. It depends on your fashion style. It's not for everyone, until and unless you are someone who loves switching to different fashion trends and loves aesthetic clothes.

3) Brand collaborations

It's always cool to see huge fashion houses and designers, which are two completely different brands, making new trends. You should put them together in 2022 to see what they can do to your personality. We have seen that so much already, whether we talk about the Balmain x H&M collaboration or the Bombay Shirt Company x Safomasi collaboration.
It's always fun to carry such mens fashion trends from two fashion giants who add their own uniqueness to each other. We expect many more collaborations like this happening in the year 2022. Make sure to try to ride on this fashion trend to diversify your fashion style.

4) Retro 90's style

The 90s style trend is here to stay for 2022 as well. We had that trend of the 90s kind of start at the beginning of 2020 and from there it really took off in 2021 and it will continue to rock this year as well. Under the retro 90s style, you can put on loose-fitting jeans, tie-dye, trucker hats, and so on to ride this trend and be a part of it. This trend will give you overall vintage vibes, so you better try it.

5) Cargo pants

It will definitely be trendy in 2022, even when it had somehow disappeared for few years. However, it is back in vogue once again. Modern cargo pants are something that you should definitely try this year, and make sure to stay away from cargo with old khaki and a bunch of pockets. Cargo pants are a major street fashion trend right now. You can pair it with any street style t-shirt or sweatshirt.

6) Plaid and flannel

It is one of the trendiest fashion styles right now and these are not going out of style for the next two-three years. You should definitely try wearing plaid shirts and coats with plaid patterns overall to make you look very cool and trendy. However, pay special attention to matching colours i.e. it should perfectly suit your colour tones.


Fashion in itself is very vast to keep up with, but it is very important to observe the mens fashion trends and ride on them according to your fashion style and preferences. There is no hard and fast rule for following any trend. However, if a new fashion trend fascinates you throughout the year, it is always a good idea to follow it. In 2022, the idea of the fashion trend should be that it should bring a new version of you and justifies your fashion sense.