Low Rise Trunks v/s Normal Trunks: What’s the Difference?

Low Rise Trunks v/s Normal Trunks: What’s the Difference?

Introduced to suit the low rise clothing, low rise trunks rule today among masses but normal trunks also are not behind. Designed with a square cut and shorter legs, both offer comfort at its best.

For many of you, a trunk is a trunk – just another pair of underwear that lets you spend a well-supported day. Then there are those who have spent time batting the confusion between the variety and styles that are available. After all, it is a matter of being comfortable all day long.

Are you someone in a desk job where you don’t have to move around much? You spend most of your time sitting at the same place. Then you must have figured it by now that trunks are the best suited underwear for you. They are the most popular among the lot since they go well with almost any outfit.

Okay, so we know your choice is trunks but what about answering the question – Which trunk?

Yes, you read it right!

The length of the trunks ascertains what kind of trunk is it – low rise trunk or normal one. Pondering about what is the difference between low rise trunks and normal trunks then just go through this guide from Gloot to help you understand.

Difference between Low Rise Trunks and Normal Trunks or Trunks

Waistband is the key. Where the trunk sits, decides whether it is a low rise trunk or a normal trunk.

The ones that sit on your hips are normal trunks. On the other hand, the ones sitting below your hips are low rise trunks. Low rise trunks have less distance between the waistband and the pouch exposing more of your midriff. However, the distance between the waistband and the pouch in case of normal trunks is more.

We have grown up learning about the phrase - “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Low rise trunks are a perfect example for this one. As the low rise trousers embarked on their journey in the market, there arose a need for underwear that goes well worn under it. Hence came the low rise trunks where you get to show off both your thighs and your butt.

Confused about how to identify between the two when buying them? You shouldn’t be!

Whenever you are buying a trunk, its name or description or tag will mention in case it is a low rise trunk. Normal trunk or a low rise trunk – the main underlying difference remains to be the where it sits on your hips. Both of them offers many bests – a pouch for comfort to hold everything well in place, a shorter leg to avoid uncomfortable bunching and a lower rise to show off what you got.

Both low rise and normal trunks are designed with square cut silhouette and shorter legs sitting parallel with your twins. They are much-loved by those who carry themselves perfectly in body hugging clothes. If you do not want to fall prey to embarrassment with the waistband popping out of the trouser while on the go then trunks are the best for you.

Why both – low rise trunks and normal trunks go well?

Trunks are generally considered to be a hybrid of a boxer brief and a brief with any mound of fabric. Low rise trunks or normal ones – the fit probably is more or less same but yes, if you are among those who would not mind showing it off then low rise trunks are for you. Zeroing down to just the distance that differs between the waistband and the pouch – choose them depending upon the comfort you get wearing both.

Talking about the functionality of the trunks, both low rise trunks and normal trunks passed with flying colours post entering the market. Every body-conscious man took advantage of this invention and used them wisely while teaming up with their low rise bottoms. Further, they won’t let you land up in that awkward situation of pulling your entire package up after few hours of wearing them. Technically, they won’t give you a wedgie.


Flaunt your chisel abs, let your low rise style speak for you with the low rise trunks. Normal trunks, too, don’t lag behind buy yes the latter is more towards showing it off. Not one but both are the right choice for you. Since, it is just the length between the pouch and the waistband that varies. Do checkout our Gloot trunks range to pick up the best one for you.