How to Wash Your Underwear?

How to Wash Your Underwear?

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Ever heard this saying? Yes or no but it is a fact. Cleanliness becomes all the more important if it is about your sensitive areas. Yes, you got it right! We are talking about your groin area. It is absolutely essential to keep our underwear clean. However, many men don’t do it. Then there are others who lack the knowledge necessary to properly clean and wash underwear.

Washing underwear is not as difficult as many men think. It is more about understanding the significance it holds. We have got some wonderful tips and useful ideas to provide on how to wash underwear, the ideal temperature to wash underwear at, and how to wash underwear to kill bacteria.

To begin with, when washing underwear, you may be anxious that the delicate fabric may be harmed in the washing machine. Secondly, you might not know how to effectively remove any germs or bacteria. Finally, you may be unsure whether underwear can be washed just like other regular clothes.

Here is a simple guide on ‘how to wash underwear’ for men:

1) Before washing, read the instructions carefully.

The first step is to ensure that it is safe to toss your underwear into the machine. Check the tag for any cleaning instructions or suggestions. You are okay to go if you notice a symbol like (water in a glass) or anything similar with the temperature or dots. But if you see signs like the same with a limitation, set those pairs away. You will have to hand wash them.

Cotton and most synthetic fabrics can typically be machine-washed. Washing by hand is recommended for fabrics such as silk, wool, lace, and rayon. The less conventional the underwear, the more likely it is that you will have to hand wash them.

2) Separate your whites from your colored ones

Just like with regular clothes, you are going to want to separate your whites from their colors. On the other hand, regular clothes should be avoided in this wash. Keeping your delegates together and away from rough materials will keep them soft for much longer.

3) Follow proper steps to wash your underwear in a machine

Before you throw your underwear into the washing machine, consider doing these:

  • Flip your underwear inside out. Though the explanation is evident, this is an important step. Most men overlook the fact that it simply takes a few seconds, but it will significantly enhance the quality of their wash and stain removal. Better still make it a habit to do this every time you remove your underwear.
  • Before washing, stains should be pre-treated. When it comes to stains, they happen. It is advisable to use a small amount of hand soap, simply rub the soap and the fabric together.
  • A drop of white vinegar is another fantastic stain remover that also helps with odor.
  • When it comes to detergent, avoid using chemicals. You will want to avoid bleach and fabric softeners as well as detergents that include chlorine for artificial fragrances. All these chemicals makes your underwear wear out more quickly.

It's time to do a load of laundry. With regards to the settings of your washing machine, when it comes to temperature, no matter how dirty your underwear is, you should never expose your piece to extreme heat. Perhaps keep the temperature between cold and warm at all times. Make sure you use the delicate setting on your washing machine.

Now, just add your detergent and wait.

Last but not the least, there are two options for drying. You may either put them in the dryer on the lowest setting or hang them up to dry. While air drying helps the color and quality persist longer, it typically results in a different feel. Not to mention the fact that it might take many hours. Machine drying will keep them softer and dry them faster, but it will also fade the color and cause them to somewhat shrink too.

Now all you have to do is enjoy your clean underwear before getting them dirty all over again!


Underwear becomes dirty easily and appears to be the most difficult clothing to wash properly. You may wash underwear in the washing machine, but delicates must be hand washed. You may simply prevent harming or shrinking underwear if you know how to clean it properly. Keeping in mind the above points is sure to help you wash underwear appropriately keeping it clean and adding longevity to its stretch, color, odor and more.