How to wash polo T-shirts?

How to wash polo T-shirts?

The casual and sophisticated look of polo t-shirts is what makes them stand out. Perfect for outings with your family, teammates, or your business partner - they are an ideal match. 

But often we grapple to maintain the softness and good looks of polo t-shirts. We wonder how to save our polo t-shirts from wearing out in the washing machine. Or how to remove the sweat stains?  Don't worry it's not rocket science.

With a little bit of care during wash time, you can increase its lifespan and maintain its good looks (along with yours) too.

Wanna know how?

Then dive down below to save your dearest polo t-shirt from wear- tear and underarm stains.

Basics of Washing a polo t-shirt

For every polo t-shirt, the washing needs depend on the fabric used. The temperature of the water, cycle intensity, and the detergent are some factors to keep in mind. Every brand provides info about the fabric and its care on the label tag.

Label Tag – It provides the type of fabric used along with the instructions to wash it. You must check it before putting your t-shirt in the machine for a quick rinse.  Even if the instructions are not given, the fabric used will give you the idea about washing.

Fabric - Once you have identified the fabric, usually it is going to be cotton, you have won half the game. Most polo t-shirts support cotton or polyester. Both fabrics need cold water and a gentle rinse.


As we mentioned earlier it’s not rocket science. You just need to follow the steps with your eyes closed (kidding) and you will be keeping your polo t-shirt in pristine condition. 


  1. Turn the polo t-shirt inside out. It will keep the outer side from constant friction. Flip the collar up to avoid curling.
  2. Divide your clothes and polo t-shirts among the same type of color and fabric. Do not mix them with white clothing. It would be beneficial if you keep dark and bright colors like red and indigo separate from other colors.
  3. In machine wash - put the temperature on cold to save cotton or polyester from shrinking.
  4. Drop your polo t-shirt in the machine.
  5. Use a gentle detergent and turn on the delicate cycle of your washing machine.
  6. Do not dry the polo for long and keep the dryer’s temperature low to avoid wear and tear.
  7. Take them out and put them on a flat surface to dry instead of hanging them.

You can handwash your polos with the same steps listed above. Just take care to be gentle when applying detergent and wringing it out.

Ironing and Storing Your Polos 

The best time to iron a polo t-shirt is when it's still damp after washing. If your polo shirt is dry use a water spray. It will help in keeping them wrinkle-free. The best way to iron your polo shirt is to follow these steps:

  1. Get a starch spray.
  2. Get your damp t-shirt.
  3. Iron the collar.
  4. Remember your polo t-shirt should be inside out.
  5. Spray the starch solution to protect the t-shirt from heat.
  6. Iron the sleeves, then the back and front.

Storing your polo shirt

Just like your other clothes, you can store your polo T-shirt by folding neatly or hanging them on a sturdy hanger to keep their shape. 

Tada you just nailed the art of ironing and storing a polo shirt. Now that you have become an expert at taking good care of it, it’s time you also know how to combat those stubborn stains.

How to Avoid Stains in Your Polo Shirt 

The stubborn stains of sweat, detergents, and colors of the garment can ruin your favorite polo t-shirt.

The simplest prevention measures would be

  • To wash the same colored clothes together
  • To avoid harsh detergents
  • Avoid using deodorants that have aluminum as it mixes up with sweat to cause yellow stains on armpits.

Now that you have completed the lesson on how to take care of the fabulous polo T-shirt. It’s time to use this knowledge in your daily life. Show off your good looks to your colleagues and let them gawk at your laundry skills.