How to Stop Underwear from Riding Up - Know The Solution

How to Stop Underwear from Riding Up - Know The Solution

Wearing low-quality underwear can cause a great deal of discomfort. It can often become really embarrassing for a person to adjust their underwear in a public place. Since they are fitted to a portion of your body that moves at different times as you move, underwear tends to ride up. There are a variety of factors that let underwear ride up, such as poor fabric, worn-out material, or wrong style. Here are a few ways through which you can protect yourself from ending up in this situation.


1.) Good Quality

Quality of material is extremely important when it comes to your underwear. Your underwear should be made of soft, airy, and breathable material as it covers your nether regions. However, for underwear to properly embrace our curves and prevent riding up, it also needs to be somewhat thick, stretchy and preferably made of cotton.

Your underwear may ride up for a variety of reasons, but if you don't consider the fabric and proper brand, you'll undoubtedly feel the problem more. Most of the time, underwear made up of cheap quality material tends to ride up more often. Hence, it is vital that you invest in good underwear. Check out this highly advanced anti-odour cotton underwear from Gloot.



2.) Replacing at the right time

If you have any underwears that have holes, stains, causes discomfort, has a loose waistband or is quite tight, then it's an indication for you to replace it. If it is no longer fitting your body type, don't force it. A lot of men think that since it's not an external piece of clothing, it doesn't matter. However, it is the clothing that should be taken care of the most.

The likelihood that underwear will start to ride up will rise the instant they start to lose its elasticity or stretch. Thus, it is extremely important that you wear underwear of your size. For example, if you wear boxer briefs that do not fit your thighs well, then it will cause them to ride up quite often. Hence, replacing underwear at the right time is quite essential to save yourself from getting caught in discomforting circumstances. Check out this amazingly comfortable piece of boxer briefs from Gloot.

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3.) Understand your style

This is genuinely a serious problem amongst men. Most men go for the standard underwear without understanding their body type.  Compared to other cuts, some are more inclined to ride up. Therefore, the understanding of your posterior region should be taken into account while choosing a type of underwear that can be more stable. You need to understand if your body reacts better to briefs, boxer briefs or trunks. Once you figure out the right type, it is advisable to stick to it. Check out this comfortable piece of underwear from Gloot.




These are some of the ways through which you can stop your underwear from riding up. It’ll not only protect you from uncomfortable situations but also provide you with greater mobility and flexibility.