How to measure underwear size?

How to measure underwear size?

Knowing the right way for underwear size measurement is integral for leading a chilled out day whether at work, play or home.

What you wear under your trousers is indispensable. Even if you are the only one to see it, there are others who can feel it. Yes! You read it right. Stepping out wearing ill-fitted underwear can ruin your day. If you are uncomfortable then others can sense it too.

So what say? Would you like to kick start your day at a not so comfortable note? The answer is definitely NO!

Underwear might be a necessity but buying the right one is no easy task. Why do you want to risk it all by not choosing the perfect underwear for you? To ensure you choose the one meant for you, it is important to know the appropriate underwear size measurement technique too.

If you felt that buying underwear is merely choosing from among the available sizes – S, M, L, XL, XXL and more then it’s time you realize that the type, shape and fit matters too. Still pondering why such a fuss for the right underwear size? What you have been wearing for years is just doing its job well, right? Wrong!

There’s more to it. Compromising on the fit and comfort is an absolute NO. Begin with choosing your personal style – boxers, briefs, trunks…? Once chosen, the next step is to measure properly to find the perfectly fitted underwear for self. This underwear size measurement guide will ease out the process for you.

Measuring your underwear size the right way

Every brand’s size differs but your size doesn’t. Knowing your numerical waist size let you choose the right underwear for you irrespective of the brand and its type.

1)Choosing your preferred style

Not everyone is comfortable wearing just any style. Every one of you has a preference as far as the style of your underwear is concerned. Give it a thought! Pick the right one for you – a trunk, a brief, a boxer? No, it won’t play around with your waist size but it can definitely make you less or more comfortable and vice versa.

2) Measuring your waist

Do you wear your trousers and underpants at the same area? Take a second and think! No, you don’t. So, how can your underwear’s waist size be the same as that of your trouser? Many don’t pay heed to this fact and end up buying underwear that’s not the right size for them. Sound tricky? It’s time to pay attention to where exactly you wear your underpants.


  • Remove your top wear like shirt or tee for accurate waist size
  • Locate the right place where you wear your underpants
  • Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your waist
  • The number you see on the measuring tape is your waist size. Doing underwear size measurement correctly like this might seem silly to you but this happens to be one of the most important tasks to do. Once you have the measurement, just go through the size chart and choose the appropriate one for you.

    Important: It is not only the waist size measurement that matters but your hip measurement as well.

    Be extra careful with your choice

    It is about your comfort. It is about wearing the most comfortable underpants. Knowing the right underwear size is half task done but what about the other half. There are certain points in addition to knowing the right underwear size that you can keep in mind to make sure that your underwear fits well:

  • Do you think your underwear size falls in between two size categories? If that’s the case then choose the next size up. You can bear with that extra space but an underwear with insufficient space won’t go well with you
  • Heard about the finger test? Try slipping in a finger in the waistband, was it smooth and comfortable – if yes, then you have chosen the right size for you
  • Don’t forget to read the packaging or product information. The fabric, the style, the fit and more such factors too affect the fit of your underwear
  • The Fit Advisor by Gloot

    There are no universal standards when it comes to size of men’s underwear. The specifications vary for every country, every brand, and every manufacturer. Let us help you with finding the best underwear for you that fits you just perfectly.

  • Preferred fit for your outerwear – If you are a lounge wear lover then loose fit goes well for you. Or if you are a health/fitness conscious individual then opt for slim or contemporary fit.
  • Body shape – If you know the right underwear size then all our products are just apt for any body shape.
  • Thigh shape – Yes, your thighs too support your underwear. Know your thigh shape to identify the best underwear size for you. Last but not the least, do check out our size chart to select a perfectly fitted underwear for you that helps you chill out whether you are working, relaxing or on the go.