How To Fold Shorts For Drawers | 3 Folding Hacks for Shorts To Save Space

How To Fold Shorts For Drawers | 3 Folding Hacks for Shorts To Save Space

 Folding shorts is not something that has to be taught, but if there is a space issue, there are always hacks and, of course, better ways of storing and organizing any item, shorts included. For example, if you have chosen a drawer as your storage preference, learning a few different types of folds could go a long way for you, for sure. Further, whether you are packing them for a trip, storing in a vertical rack/closet or a flat horizontal drawer can change the style of folds. With this piece, let’s focus on flat horizontal drawers and what are the different types of folds that can allow you to achieve maximum storage in a small space, allow it to look organised and now crease the shorts either.


Give them the half fold


The classic, easy and most basic way of folding anything is to split it in half. Whether you are doing it horizontally or vertically, the half-fold is the most popular and arguably the easiest way of folding any item. When we talk about shorts, the story is no different. Splitting them from the inseam and folding them in half; then doing a vertical fold is the best way to have flat stacks. You can place them in multiple stacks in a drawer to maximise the usage of the huge horizontal space.


Roll ‘em up


The easiest way to fold your shorts and make them into small pockets, so as to occupy as minimal space as possible, roll ‘em up. Simply split them up from the inseam again, and fold them in half horizontally. Now once you’ve ironed out all the creases, give them a nice tight roll, all the way up to the belt buckles and then fold it over the rolled part to ensure that the roll is secure.


Make them stand


Well, this does not literally translate to standing them up. Here, we learn to fold them in a particular way to place them vertically in the drawer. This method is one that can maximise the potential of the drawer. To achieve a standing fold for the shorts, you must simply replicate all the steps of the first type of drawer fold, which is the half-fold. Also known as the file-fold, this type of shorts fold allows you to make them look like a file. Now, from the half fold position, give it another tight vertical fold. While storing, flip the shorts and make sure the folded sides are at the bottom. This prevents the fold from opening up and allowing it to be in place, enabling more space for shorts.