How to find the right pair of shorts

How to find the right pair of shorts

Nowadays, there are immense options for shorts for men to choose from. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a pair of shorts. It is important to understand these factors in order to get the best fit possible for your shorts and make a great impression even in your casual style. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind that’ll help you find the right pair of shorts:

1.) Right Length is Everything

One of the most important things to consider while wearing shorts is making sure that the length of your shorts don't cross your knees. Your height is one of the most crucial factors. It's not always easy for a tall guy to wear an inseam length that looks excellent on a short guy. Finding your optimum length could make all the difference. Thus, make sure that the shorts you are buying are of the right inseam length in accordance with your height.


2.) Shorts Shouldn't be Tight

Always remember comfort can bring style with it. Thus, make sure you look in the mirror and check for any excessive pull lines, particularly by your thighs and at the pocket area. Additionally, if your button seems to be stretching a bit too much, you may want to go up a size or at the very least tweak the fit to find something that is a little bit more comfortable and allows easy mobility.


3.) Extra Loose Shorts are Uncool

When the shorts are quite long, this problem tends to be more obvious. The biggest problem here is that there is a general lack of shape, and if you already have very thin legs, the gap between the shorts' leg opening and your small legs will be very visible. People frequently think of using loose clothing as a way to hide their thin appearance. Actually, this has the opposite effect, and they frequently appear much smaller than before.

Bonus Tip: As a general rule, your shorts should be loose enough for two fingers to fit in the gap, but not so loose that your full hand can fit between the leg and the shorts.


4.) Get Your Colour Right

The last thing you should keep in mind while selecting the right pair of shorts is getting your colour right. Understand your skin tone first. Then, match your short colour according to it. Certainly, there are other factors that you must consider like the other clothing you're wearing with the shorts. Also, make sure you add some extra quirky colours to your shorts collection.



Considering how important shorts are in a person’s life, it is important to understand the right length, width and colour, while choosing your shorts. You can consider other aspects like body shape as well depending on athletic build or slender legs. It is very essential to get the right fit in order to make sure that your confidence and personality are reflected in your shorts.