How To Choose The Best T-shirt Fabric?

How To Choose The Best T-shirt Fabric?

A man wears a t-shirt when he is not up for a professional meeting or at a time when he can be himself and he does not have to be all formal. They are mostly worn for informal meet-ups or get-togethers. Unlike shirts, t-shirts keep a man comfortable as they are not just an icon for casual clothing but also hold a tag for comfortable clothing.

Buying a t-shirt is similar to buying any other apparel, you like it, you pick it. But it gets tedious when you have to choose the best t-shirt fabric. Yes, it does matter! The price of a t-shirt or for that matter any clothing varies according to the fabric it is made up of.

Cotton happens to be the most commonly used fabric in hot weather and the most sought for too. You know why – because it makes the heat more bearable. Unlike polyester, synthetic, or any other fabric, it blends smoothly with your body. It absorbs all the moisture or sweat which your body may produce during hot weather. Let's suppose you have worn a Lycra or polyester t-shirt on a hot sunny day. Would that give you comfort? No. For a bright sunny day, cotton blend t-shirts are the best ones that should be picked.

Although t-shirts are the most comfortable type of casual clothing, not all t-shirts fall into the ideal category. Many men end up buying some t-shirts just because of their catchy prints or captions.  You may be lured by its style, design, color, or texture but these are not the right factors to choose a t-shirt.

Why not read and consider them for your next purchase?

What matters while choosing the best t-shirt fabric?

  • Costing
Well, if you choose a low-cost product, then the quality for that would also be low. Thinking of the reason? The fabric used in making the t-shirt would not be of fine or superior quality. If you are looking for a good quality product, then you must bear its cost. Good quality products do not come at low prices.
  • Durability

For a durable product, you need to go look for its fabric. Yes, you read that right. Poor fabrics are not that durable and would also fade away with time. Choose good quality fabrics for durable and long-lasting t-shirts. Organic fabrics are making it big too!

  • Comfort Level

Well, if a garment is not providing the comfort level which is required then what’s the point of buying it? Comfort is the utmost thing that is looked upon while buying clothes so choose a fabric providing you ultimate comfort level and is appealing too.

Wearing an uncomfortable t-shirt and that too of a poor fabric would not just cause rashes on your skin but also cause you irritability and unpleasantness throughout. So, choose the fabric wisely giving comfort it’s all due importance. 

  • Weather

Do not choose a fabric that is not environmental friendly. Always go for weather-friendly products. You would never wear woolen clothing in summer, would you? Choosing the wrong fabric would melt you in summer and freeze you in winter. So, make the right choice.

Best t-shirt fabric to consider when buying them

There are ample fabrics that claim to be the best t-shirt fabric. But not all of them are good. A few good ones have been listed below:

  • Cotton

Known as the king of all fabrics, cotton is probably the most common fabric for t-shirts as well as other clothing. This not just provides your body with much-needed comfort but also helps your body to breathe and stay comfortable. There are many kinds of cotton used to make t-shirts however; organic cotton is the most expensive one. It is eco-friendly and sustainable with a soft touch and feel.

  • Linen

Linen is considered to be the most light-weighted fabric which fits in well with your summer wardrobe. It is not used that commonly, yet this, too, is comfortable but one of the most expensive ones as well. Nevertheless, it can make up for a great choice for t-shirts as it offers breathable and moisture-absorbing qualities. However, this fabric might not be suitable for printing purposes.

  • Polyester

When it comes to t-shirts, polyester cannot be ignored. It is being increasingly used across. It is a synthetic fabric commonly used to manufacture sports apparel. With its quick drying feature, it offers ease and comfort too. Another quality one can vouch for about this material is that it does not shrink even with multiple washes.

It works well for the printing options as well. Polyester enables better attachment of design. Hence not wrong to say that it is also one of the best t-shirt fabrics.

Final Words

Choosing the best t-shirt fabric requires you to gather knowledge about the same. You always have to maintain the right balance between various factors like quality of the material, pricing, durability and more. Owning t-shirts made up of only one type of fabric can make you land in not-so-favorable situations as well.

Think wisely about your requirements. Shortlist what is required. Explore what is available. Which fabric goes well you’re your requirements? Accordingly, pick up the one that fits in well with all of these. With the information shared above, we believe that you are no longer in the dark about which fabric is the best for your t-shirt.