How Should Joggers Fit You & When Should You Wear Them?

How Should Joggers Fit You & When Should You Wear Them?

Well, you may feel next-level casualness donning joggers but do you know what? You can style yourself in ample ways with joggers including casual, sports, trendy and fun manner. You can experiment with different looks and opt for a look that suits you the most.

Joggers started trending recently only under the active wear category that makes you look cool. But if worn in a not-so-right manner, they might make you look and feel frumpy and unkempt. 

The multiple ways in which joggers can be worn might make people curious to know more about them like how joggers fit and when should they wear joggers. 

Let us help you find the answers to these questions and more in this blog to know everything about joggers!

What are joggers?

Joggers were looked upon as the piece of clothing to worn for workouts but as soon as new trends took over, they were increasingly worn at many other occasions as well. Joggers are lightweight, traditional sports pants rendering complete aesthetic appeal.

They fit the ankles closely and are widest at the top. In simple words, joggers are the closest cousins of sweatpants, athleisure pants, and workout pants. One good thing about them is that these come in versatile designs and types. They are much more stylish than your regular pants. 

History of Joggers!

With more and more people becoming health conscious, it became evident to introduce something comfortable for running and working out too. Then we got Joggers! The trend of joggers started spreading after the inception of modern Olympic Games in 1896. Although joggers were introduced over 100 years ago, they have evolved substantially for both men and women. 

How should you style joggers?

It can be quite tricky to style joggers. Slipping into joggers might make you feel as if you are wearing some loungewear. But still, with the right fit and accompaniments, you can make a perfect pair of joggers regardless of your body type.

Mentioned below are some of the ideas for your jogger pants:

  • Well, you can pair your joggers with sneakers for a comfortable and casual look. For this, it’s better if you contrast your top and bottom in different shades. Add a pinch to your look by replacing your stylish sneakers with boots.
  • Style your joggers with a casual t-shirt for that weekend look to add comfort and ease. For this look to work well, make sure that your t-shirt fits well and is not oversized. When worn right, joggers give you a slim look and you appear to be street ready. 
  • Denim jackets are back in fashion. Team them with your joggers to give a boost to your look. Choose different colours up and down to uplift your game of styling. 
  • Many people believe that joggers and meetings don’t gel well. Think again. You can conduct and attend business meet-ups in joggers as they match quite well with blazers too. Ditch the shirts and choose a blazer and jogger combo. It will be a perfect match.

Types of joggers

  • Lounge Joggers

Sometimes all a man wants to do on a peaceful Sunday morning is to lie down on a couch and watch their favourite television show. For this, they need utmost comfort to experience the best leisure time. Lounge joggers are the best loose-cut joggers which are insanely comfortable and offer you both air and cosiness at the same time. Once worn, one would never want to take them off. 

  • Everyday joggers

While travelling, every man wants comfortable pants to manage long journeys with ease. Everyday joggers are meant for that. Buy a pair of everyday joggers if you do not want to spend hours standing in front of your wardrobe deciding your travel wear. These not only provide you with unbeatable comfort but also make you look classy and modern altogether. 

  • Sporty Joggers

When a person thinks of buying joggers, sporty joggers are the first thing that comes to their mind. You guessed it right - these are the original, classic, and the best joggers. Made up of special fabrics, they are moisture-wicking and at the same time breathable and odour-fighting as well. 

How should joggers fit you?

How joggers should fit you depend completely upon where you are planning to go? What sort of activities are you planning to do while wearing them? Joggers which are wide and are made up of a thick material are mostly used for casual purposes. 

Regardless of which type of joggers you are wearing, here are some general tips to ensure that your joggers fit you properly:

  • They must fit to clearly outline the shape of your body. This doesn’t mean that it should be that tight. It should not appear to be skinny or tight-fitted.
  • Your jogger fit should be such that it completely tapes against your ankle above your shoes rather than falling over them. Well-fitted joggers would leave a little bit of sock or skin showing. 
  • Generally, joggers whose waistband sits completely on your hips are the best. A lot of brands now-a-days are increasingly making high rise joggers to meet this need.


Going through this blog must have brought to light a lot of things that you were not aware of. How joggers fit you? When should you wear them? What should you wear them with? A lot has been answered. Wear them with a contrasting upper for that polished and impressive look. Go on a holiday, relax at your home, go for a walk and what not – jogger is fit for all. Not to forget that they can be worn for formal meet-ups too. 

So, choose the design and brand wisely!