How Long Should Shorts Be For Men?

How Long Should Shorts Be For Men?

Men might not be seen shopping too much but they do shop. They too get baffled while picking the right apparel for themselves. One such dilemma many men face is while they are buying shorts. Thinking how? Its length has a crucial role to play. Yes, this might turn out to be the most tedious thing as shorts come in multiple styles and lengths.

At times, it becomes really difficult to understand which shorts would act the best for you. While buying shorts, how much length is too much? Or how much is too less? Can it be determined in shorts unlike pants, where you have the exact knowledge about the length? Where you choose it as per the length of your legs?

As you might expect, tall guys should opt for slightly longer shorts and the exact opposite for short guys. Well, the length of the shorts must be chosen as per the height of the wearer. Seems easy? It is not. There are other factors as well that add up to that. How about walking through this guide with us on how long shorts should be for men?

Understanding the shorts length

There are multiple types of shorts as per length, design, and texture so they should be bought as per a man’s height and liking. 

  • 4-inch shorts

Men usually do not wear 4-inch shorts daily. These are the most suitable for swimming or athletic day. Also, they go better for those who are short unlike tall ones. Furthermore, if you are thinking of buying shorts for your daily routine - stop. You are not doing it right. These shorts are not meant to be worn daily; they would make you uncomfortable and would also cause other problems such as limiting blood flow to the legs. 

  • 5-7 inch shorts

People with relatively more self-confidence in their thighs must buy these shorts. 5-7 inch shorts are an ideal option for men between 5’5 and 6’1 in height. On the other hand, 7’’ shorts are the most common shorts length for men. This is the most bought one as well that ends right above the knees. For a bold look, a man should go for 5-7 inches of shorts. 

  • 9-11 inch shorts

For guys over 6 feet in height, 9-11 inch shorts prove to be the best shorts length. Are you skinny? Beware! They would not look good on you as it is designed in a manner that covers tall and bulky boys the best. Moreover, wearing 9-11 inch shorts with very lean legs would create a more casual appeal. 

Tips for choosing proper shorts length

There are two things which you need to look after while choosing an apt length of shorts:

  • Think about your height

When choosing shorts, you need to look at your height first. If you are on the shorter side, then it would be better if you avoid buying shorts falling in the range of 11 inches. However, for you, the best shorts would be 5-6 inches. These will make you feel supremely confident down at the legs level.

  • Think about your confidence level

If you feel confident and bold in showing off your thighs, then you may go ahead and buy shorts in 5 inches. However, if you lack confidence, leave it. This is because nothing would be more embarrassing for a boy who lacks self-confidence and is self-conscious about the length of their shorts. 

Which shorts are best for different purposes?

You may be buying shorts for running, working out, swimming, casual wear, and more. So, basically different shorts serve different purposes.

  • Running

The shorter your shorts would be the more speed you would have. If your purpose for buying shorts is running, then you must avoid buying long shorts. In long shorts, you will experience a lot of extra fabric coming in between you and your running. We recommend you to buy 4 inches shorts for running purposes. 

  • Casual Swimming

In our opinion, a 9-inch short should be your choice if you have swimming on the list. It is advisable to keep most of your legs covered while swimming to avoid the chlorine harming you or giving you a skin tan. Go for 9-inch shorts for swimming purposes.

  • Basketball

11 inches shorts are ideal for sports like basketball. Even if you are lounging or binge watching, 11-inch short works wonders. This is the most comfortable length of shorts. Since, this fits properly at the waist without slipping down.


Selecting the right length of shorts can be intimidating. With the number of options to choose from, picking the most suitable one is always a task. Always remember to understand and identify your need first. Once you know, explore what is available and what goes well with your requirement.

Your height is important for choosing the apt length of your shorts. Similarly the activity you are planning to wear them for matters too. Don’t forget that ultimately, it is about you, your comfort and your confidence. So give it a thought well in time to avoid spending money on buying something that’s not apt for you.