How and When to tuck your Polo t shirt?

How and When to tuck your Polo t shirt?

To tuck in a polo tshirt is a dilemma for most of us while a polo tshirt is a great way to bridge the gap between formal and casual looks. This friendly piece of clothing just removes the confusion of being casual but not so casual. But what to do when you want to go a little overboard and decide to tuck in the Polo T-shirt? Or you are just plain confused about how to tuck polo tshirt? 

Whatever the case, you don’t need to worry. Let us read and know all about how to tuck polo tshirt! So, be ready to rock the polo tshirt you have your eyes on (wink wink).

When to tuck in a polo tshirt?

Before you tuck in your polo tshirt, you must know the circumstances to decide on your overall outfit. Obviously, you are not going to wear your night suit to work as per the norms. So, certain factors will decide whether to tuck in that sweet polo or not.  Only after that, you will know to tuck a polo tshirt and look like the best-dressed man at work.

The first thing is the occasion – whether it’s casual or work-related. That is the primary factor on which other factors depend.

Situation- For any business casual event or formal event you should tuck in your polo T-shirt. It is the golden rule. It is required to bridge the final gap between semi-formal and formal. If the event is not work-related, you are going with your colleagues for a chill-pill, you leave your polo tshirt untucked.

Uncertainty – There might be chances you are going for a casual event with friends like dinner and you bump into your clients. Or you might feel that you want to project your formal self to your clients or boss if you bump into them, then you should tuck in your polo T-shirt. Along with that, you should know how to tuck polo tshirt for this semi-formal look. 

Features of polo Tshirt - Now, you know the occasion and your mood. It's time you know if the polo is tuckable or not. The normal polo tshirt with a uniform back and front can be worn both ways. While if your polo tshirt is longer at the back and short at the front it is meant to be tucked. Always tuck in a polo tshirt that has a non-uniform length.

How to tuck polo tshirt?

This is the burning question after you have decided to go all ninja on tucking in your polo tshirt. Most of us are plain confused in this area but you need not worry, since you will know the art of tucking in a polo tshirt as you scroll down.

Creating the Perfect Polo Outfit

Formal Look - A tucked-in polo tshirt goes best with slim trousers or khakis. If you are aiming to attend a formal meeting then go with formal trousers and a blazer preferably matching the color of your trousers. Use a belt to accessorize. As for the shoes, they should be formal ones.

Semi-Formal - If you want a semi-formal look, go with a pair of blue jeans and a belt or try on the trousers without the blazer. The shoes should always match the trouser and the occasion. Go for formal shoes for business or semi-formal look and sports shoes for casual.

What are the things to be mindful of while tucking in?

As you have become the master of how to tuck polo tshirt, it’s time to consider the tidbits of sporting a polo tshirt. These tips are especially important for a formal setting.

Do Not

  1. pop your collar. It looks childish.
  2. wear a loose or too tight polo T-shirt.
  3. go for bright colors or a patterned polo T-shirt. Instead go for cool, solid, and neutral shades.
  4. tuck in your polo t-shirt with shorts. Only do it for experimentation and first try it alone.
  5. wear an undershirt with a polo T-shirt. You don’t wanna feel bulky.

Polo Outfit Master

Congrats my friend! You, now, know the little nuggets of tucking in a polo tshirt and creating a chic outfit out of it. It’s time you put the skills to use and show them off to all your friends. Whether it’s formal or casual, tucking in you will be looking fab with all your charisma.