Hipsters Vs Trunks: Know The Difference

Hipsters Vs Trunks: Know The Difference

Confused between the two essentials for men, we’ll help you out!

The different cuts of this common sort of underwear have slight variations. Both titles are widely used outside of the domain of underwear, but they have a completely different connotation elsewhere. Both of these sets of underwear are excellent, but there are some important distinctions between them that should be kept in mind. So how do you decide between hipsters and trunks? 

Hipster boxer shorts are designed to sit on the hips rather than the natural waistline, with a low, torso-baring cut. They are a terrific pair of underwear to wear beneath shorter shorts because they are equally short in length. Although the cup is designed to be supportive, sports are not usually advised. 

Low-rise with a hip-hugging fit. Supportive pouches make sure everything remains in place. Hipsters are visually appealing; they look awesome! 

Trunks are a particular style of boxer brief with short, mid-calf legs. They look great under slightly shorter shorts, whether they are for everyday use or sports, and are especially well suited to slimmer legs. 

For fitting, think of wearing it around the waistline, the waistband is placed slightly  higher to be in place. Suitable for both casual and athletic settings. The main distinction between hipsters and trunks is that hipsters are hung about the hips, whilst trunks have the same higher cut waist as boxer underwear. 

How long are the legs on trunks and hipsters? 

Both hipsters and trunks typically have their legs resting at the top of the thighs. This is especially helpful if you have large thighs and have trouble wearing boxers that are tight-fitting, regardless of whether you have been working on them at the gym or whether you simply inherited them. 

A nice illustration of the short leg is the Saxx Undercover Trunk as well as Jockey's Short Trunk. The Calvin Klein trunk and the Ted Baker Cotton Trunk both have slightly longer legs