Fashion Stereotypes For Men That Are Officially Broken

Fashion Stereotypes For Men That Are Officially Broken

Fashion is genderless. In the age of unisex clothing, men are facing fashion stereotypes from society. Women went on to broaden their fashion range from women's to men's. It is very common for women to wear cargo pants, pantsuits, and so on and so forth.

There is hardly any men's fashion item left that women haven't pulled off. However, the same actions are stereotyped when they are performed by men.

Fashion implies expressing oneself, and every human being has the freedom to express fashion in their own unique way. There is no handbook in order to follow fashion norms; it is appropriate fashion as long as you feel at ease in your own skin.

Many men have begun to recognize this, and as a result, they are on their way to breaking every fashion stereotype that has been constructed expressly for them.

Here are the stereotypes about fashion for men that are officially broken.

1) Skirts are for women

This is one of the oldest stereotypes that men have experienced throughout history. But thanks to all the daring men who stepped up to make skirt a part of the men's fashion lifestyle and helped to break this fashion stereotype.

Many designers are designing skirts for men in order to promote these skirts in the fashion for men category. Men have been spotted wearing flowing skirts with kurtas.

There are several instances, ranging from Bollywood to Hollywood whether it's Ranveer Singh, who wore skirts to promote Bajirao Mastani, or Harry Styles, who slayed in skirts on Vogue's first solo male cover. These personalities are the inspiration for breaking down gender stereotypes and setting fashion goals.

2) "Pink" is not for men

Traditionally, men's wardrobes consisted of neutral-colored clothing such as black, white, blue, brown, and so on. Pink clothing, on the other hand, had no place in the closet because it was considered a fashion stereotype for men.

Men's fashion is evolving, and many lads have realized this. They have started wearing pink outfits as well. During the wedding season, not only the bride but also the groom wears pink.

Many athletes have donned pink clothes, like Virat Kohli and Jasprit Bumrah, who wore pink sherwanis to their weddings. Celebrities like James Bond came on the red carpet wearing pink.

3) Jewelry belongs to women

Ugh! Why does society believe that men cannot wear jewelry in public like women? Why do we stretch the link of fashion between men and women?

In fact, men are wearing jewelry from the stoneage. It has always been a part of men's clothing. But still, all of a sudden it became a "Women's Thing" and no one used to wear jewelry except rappers.

But now, in today's day and age, men have successfully broken this stereotype and they are investing in accessories and jewelry like gold chains, earrings, bracelets, and rings, to complement their outfits.

4) Shiny outfits are off-limits

We used to barely see any men wearing bling or shiny outfits until and unless they were wearing a sherwani. It was a huge stereotype that only women could wear blingy outfits and not men.

However, now, shiny outfits have become the new normal as fashion for men. We can easily find bling appearances in suits, jackets, and other categories of men's fashion wear.

5) Florals are not manly

This is the most ridiculous fashion stereotype that men have ever encountered. After all, why are printed garments associated with one gender?

The floral print is ideal for beachwear and gets increasingly fashionable in the summer. Floral shirts and t-shirts have been popular among men in recent years. It is no longer restricted to one gender; it is now common in men's fashion clothing.

6) Women get nose piercings

This is a very common stereotype that died a long time ago. Many men now wear nose rings in their daily lifestyle. Male celebrities like Aamir Khan, Ayushmann Khurana, and Ranvir Singh were the early stereotype breakers of nose piercing.

Final thoughts

Although the voyage to genderless fashion is not yet complete, it is encouraging to note that men are finally overcoming certain stereotypes that have been associated with them for decades.

The major contribution to breaking such stereotypes undoubtedly goes to influencers and celebrities.

Everyone's definition of fashion for men is different. For some, it may be confidence, while for others, it may be an expression. Whatever it is, make it a part of your daily lifestyle and rise above such fashion stereotypes.