Do polo t-shirts fall under professional or casual outfits?

Do polo t-shirts fall under professional or casual outfits?

There is no doubt that a Polo T-shirt is the most versatile upper wear. They are so versatile that most of us get confused as to what should they be categorized as - informal or formal. Are they professional enough for work or are they too professional for an outing with friends? The debate never ends! 

Yet you will find that polo tshirts are your dearest friends that can accompany you anywhere. It is not the polo tshirt that determines if you look too friendly or too professional. It is something else. Curious? Polo tshirt casual or professional? Read on to know what!

What is a polo T-shirt?

The classic collared, half-sleeved t-shirt having 2-3 buttons is a must-have in every wardrobe. It is usually made from woven cotton called Pique but you can also find mixed fabrics, polyester, and cotton blend polo T-shirts too. Pique is a soft, breathable, and sweat-absorbing fabric ideal for sports. You can choose a sleek fabric for formality and a robust fabric for casual time. 

Going back in Time

A polo t-shirt was designed to combine elegance and mobility in high-class sports like polo. It was first used by tennis players but it became massively popular after Rene Lacoste, a tennis player placed a crocodile emblem on the left breast of his tshirts.  It became popular among the polo players and was being sold like hotcakes. This chic button-down became the symbol of POLO. But the journey of the versatile polo tshirt did not stop there.

‘Polo tshirts casual or professional’ – Ending the Debate

We know there have been a lot of questions on ‘polo tshirts casual or professional’ so we just thought of shedding some light on the unique characteristics of polo T-shirts.  These characteristics make your polo fall into the 2 categories of casual and professional. 

Just go and have a look at your polo T-shirt:

  • it has a collar – like a typical shirt (professional)
  • few buttons – unlike a shirt which is a total button-down (professional and casual)
  • a pocket (casual)
  • a sleek fabric for an elegant look

Your polo tshirt dangles between a shirt and a t-shirt giving it a formal yet approachable vibe which is not possible with atypical suit pants or shirt–pants. The collar contributes to the formal look while the decrease in buttons and a tshirt like style makes it informal.

But how can you shine your polo tshirt on either side of the spectrum?

The business casual polo tshirt

Let us bring clarity to the debate - ‘polo tshirt casual or professional’. You can wear it on casual Fridays. You can wear it to the chilled out work events. You can wear it to a casual meet-up with your boss. Yes boys we swear on that. You just have to be mindful of your pants. For a business, casually tuck your polo tshirt in a trouser or khakis. Wear a watch and loafers and you are good to go. 

The casual polo tshirt

That is the beauty of a polo tshirt. It is casual as well. As we said before, it is the pants that you wear that decide your look. If you want to get casual, put on your polo tshirt along with shorts or jeans. It will look casual yet elegant for a dinner with friends. If you want a 100% casual look go for shorts and sandals. Your polo tshirt is above the discussion - are ‘polo tshirt casual or professional’. It is a 2-way street.

Combining work and play

Your polo tshirt is the manifestation of jack who loves to combine work and play. Rightly so, who wants to dull their spark just by being formal or informal? With this, we can say that you can style a polo tshirt in whatever way you like and rock it from the top to bottom with your Smarty Pants or Cool Cargos. We know you will be a rockstar in both styles.