Different Types of Shorts

Different Types of Shorts

Shorts as we know them today were earlier known as ‘toga or even "knee breeches, they were first worn by men in Europe before being adopted by Americans as sportswear.

 There are so many different types of shorts that are made today, and designers never stop coming up with fresh concepts. Here's a detailed look at today's most popular short variants.

 Tennis shorts—Made to be worn during tennis matches, a pair of tennis shorts are typically above the knee, white in colour, and have pleats to maximise mobility. The preferred material today is cotton but can also be synthetic.

 Cargo shorts—These are khaki shorts with more than four pockets, frequently with an addition of flappy pockets on the sides of the leg. They are rather popular with men who prefer effortless and convenient looks.

 Pleated Shorts—Shorts were earlier cut and styled the same as ordinary pants, which meant they frequently had one or two pleats and, either a broader or narrower cut.

 Denim shorts—These are often baggier and longer than the shorter shorts and daisy dukes worn by women and men.

 Bermuda Shorts—Since they were apparently invented in Bermuda, these knee-length shorts are frequently worn in more professional settings, such as at the workplace with a sport coat, over-the-calf socks, a tie, and even a blazer or light sweater.

 Chino Shorts—A condensed and invariably shorter version of the traditional twill chinos or khaki pants, they were first created for the U.S. troops to wear when stationed in the Philippines.

 Cycling Shorts—These form-fitting, long spandex shorts feature an insert in the region that touches the saddle to lessen chafing while cycling.