Difference Between Low Rise Briefs And Regular Briefs

Difference Between Low Rise Briefs And Regular Briefs

The men’s underwear market has undergone a massive evolution in the past few years. While the category was mainly segmented by differences in cuts, fabric and styles, they now have inclusions that are paired best with the choice of outfits too. For example a slim fit trouser would require a different pair of underwear, when compared to an ethnic wear pajama. And since there are many varied fits for mens pants, there have been inventions and alterations to underwear too.

The growing popularity of low-rise jeans in men, naturally led to the invention of low-rise briefs too. Now, they aren’t very different to the conventional brief, which is usually high-rise, there are certain dissimilarities that segment them as a different category. Let’s get to know these differences more in detail.


While high-rise briefs are mainly the basic generic kind, low-rise briefs, certainly less popular among the everyday man, are more fashion-forward and aesthetic. Most men would naturally choose a high-rise brief under a low-rise pant, only because they are more functional and common. But, picking a low-rise brief makes more sense since it is more compatible with the pants. Hence, they identify as the aesthetic pair of underwear, when compared to high-rise briefs. 


High-rise and low-rise briefs are two types of boxer briefs that are differentiated mainly by their cut. While the lower end is pretty much the same, the elastic is where the cut finds its difference. As the name suggests, low-rise briefs have a lower cut and are designed to be worn just below the hip bone, ideal for low-rise pants. 


For high-rise briefs, one need not particularly be concerned about the type of bottomwear. Any high-rise pair should be ideal. The purpose of high-rise briefs is to provide compact support, greater coverage than briefs and provide a snug fit on the buttocks. While doing all of that, low-rise have the primary responsibility of not peaking from the waist band. On a low-rise pant, the high-rise brief would peak, while the low-rise brief is well hidden. .

Design and fit

The elastic band of briefs can be placed at three spots on the male body–above, on and below the hip bone.But, this doesn’t mean you buy a high-rise brief and place it at different heights as per the choice of your pants–this could lead to discomfort in the overall fit. Low-rise briefs are designed to be worn below the hip bone, thereby allowing them to stay hidden on low-rise pants. High-rise briefs are ideally worn on or above the hip bone and this placement is a stark differentiator in the design and fit. 


There is no real extravagant difference between the coverage provided by a high-rise or low-rise brief. Mainly the elastic sitting below the hip bone means there will be menial coverage for the upper abdomen area. However, this is the entire point of wearing low-rise briefs–to ensure they aren’t visible on low-rise pants.