Comfort, style and quality - How Gloot slays in all

Comfort, style and quality - How Gloot slays in all

Gloot from the fashion house by Nykaa is a men’s athleisure and innerwear brand that has always aimed to combine technology and creative innovation to reinvent clothing for customers. Gloot uses high-quality fabrics and amazing finesse to create the most comfortable athleisure clothes you have ever worn. The three basic elements that are common across all Gloot products are comfort, style and quality. Let’s learn a little more about them:


1.) Comfort

If your undergarments, shirts, or even your jeans are too tight, it can be quite difficult to enjoy yourself freely. You might feel constrained or always keep touching your clothes to stretch them a little away from your body. When you are at ease in your clothing, you can avoid being distracted by discomfort or uneasiness. Moreover, it's also simpler to enjoy movement when your clothing isn't getting in the way. Thus, we at Gloot, make sure to add comfort as one of the main attributes of our clothing. Comfort is not only about loose clothes, it is also important that it allows your body to breathe well.  Be it shorts, t-shirts, underwear, or joggers, all the products on Gloot provide you with great comfort and flexibility.


2.) Style

Style isn't always about wearing something fancy or funky. It is about creating a design or pattern that goes well with your personality. Every individual has a different sense of style. It is important to understand that your clothing is a form of expression. It's best to approach clothing with purpose and focus because it communicates something about you to others around you. We understand that clothing is like building a personal brand. Clothing gives insight into your personality and can even increase confidence. The way you feel in your clothes is crucial since it can make or ruin an ensemble. Thus, all Gloot clothing lines have special styles that can help you build your own unique style.


3.) Quality

Comfort and style are dependent quite a lot on the quality of the product. It is not just the quality of the material but also the quality of work done to produce it. Gloot focuses on bringing the most superior quality products to its customers. Be it the anti-stain shorts or anti-odour t-shirts, these amazing items will endure over time and ultimately help you in saving a lot in the future as well. This will cut down on waste and the need to discard clothing due to fading colours, fabric rips or tears, general wear, and other issues. Since sustainability is a key element of Gloot’s vision, quality is something that is an important attribute of the brand.



With the combination of these three key elements, Gloot aims to bring the best possible products that not only last long but also give you a unique sense of style. Wearing these high-quality, comfortable and stylish items will help you feel confident and bring out your true personality. Check out the wide variety of products present on Gloot’s platform here.