Which is more comfortable Briefs or Trunks - Know the Difference?

Which is more comfortable Briefs or Trunks - Know the Difference?

Can you guess the undying war that’s been hitting the internet over years?  

Dearies – it’s Briefs v/s Trunks, no it’s not Tea v/s Coffee! Quora and Reddit are flooded with hundreds of questions from guys like you. Which underwear is better brief or trunk? What is the difference? When to wear?

We get you!!

The moment you took responsibility for your manhood, it started this classic battle. As a teen, you always wondered – if your brief suits you or maybe the trunk is your go-to guy. Or maybe it’s the other way around. To end the classic battle we dived deep, to find out what makes the two styles apart. From cut to comfort, from design to destination – everything will be sorted. Just scroll down and get the closure once and for all.

Briefs - Briefs need no introduction. Since the eve of 19 Jan 1935 (the first pair was sold) they have been men's favorite. Designed by Arthur Kneibler an 'apparel engineer' we must say that this guy knew what he was doing. But what brings them to - Briefs v/s Trunks Battlegrounds?

Strength - Freedom and Support

The cut and freestyle are what make them an ideal candidate to compete against trunks. Evolved from the traditional high-rise cut, they support various styles. They pack your junk in place and give your muscular thighs aesthetic appeal. Plus, it's not just about beautifying your load but they are extremely helpful during light workout sessions. 

Trunks - A close cousin of boxer briefs, their persona is a bit different than traditional briefs. Although, boxer briefs were introduced 10 years before briefs came into the market, trunks are comparatively a newer version. The simple fusion of boxer and briefs, Trunks are the new hit among many guys. But again you might ask what brings them to – Briefs v/s Trunks Battleground?

Strength - Versatility and Flexibility

They sit closer between your mid thigh and crotch. They are longer than briefs and snug your thighs perfectly. If you want to avoid chafing, trunks can be the best resort. In trunks, you can rock a day both - at the beach or at office.

Welcome to the classic battle of Briefs v/s Trunks

Below you will find some major differences between your two favorite styles.

Cut - Briefs have a butterfly cut or Y- a cut that makes them sit tightly around your mane. They also come in high rise or low rise cut, depending on the attire you are likely to sport. The square cut in Trunks makes it easier for your thighs to slip into. It also gives a bit of freedom to your mane.

Length – You know that the length of briefs is shorter than trunks. Briefs can be high rise or low rise but they don’t cover your thighs. However, the macho trunks are required to protect your thighs from friction with the extra material between legs. 

Comfort – The comfort level is the most important part of – The Briefs v/s Trunks dilemma. If you have a well-endowed mane then briefs do the work for you. They tightly put everything in place and give ease of movement to your legs. On the other hand, if you want to avoid unnecessary chafing then trunks will do the job. They are extremely comfortable if you feel briefs are too tight.

Style – The parameter of style for Briefs v/s Trunks holds the key in their design, color, and prints. Briefs make you look sexy with athletic and long legs. The design makes your best friend a star. Trunks are versatile in looks and colors. They are the short boy shorts which come in zingy prints and colors - perfect for a beach party. 

Support - Another very crucial aspect for your comfort level. As it directly depends on the support you need in certain situations. Straight-up, briefs provide the maximum support to your manhood. They are a sturdy partner for gym goers as well. Trunks have a pouch to support you but they don’t hold it too close. They provide flexibility of movement and more airflow than briefs. They are compact for everyday use.

It is not about briefs v/s trunks

Let us be truthful - it is not about who gets the trophy but rather who your ideal partner is. Your underpants are the closest thing to your skin. Therefore, you must choose the one that matches your lifestyle, and activity level and blends perfectly with your physique.

Based on lifestyle

If you are someone who has to do a lot of moving around then briefs are perfect for you. Since support is of utmost significance along with the freedom to move. If you are more into staring at the white screen all day then trunks can be close to your gems. Their support is just right with breathability between your legs and they tend to ride up while doing a lot of running around. The rise can be chosen depending on the length of the pants. As there are multiple options available in the market.

Based on Physique

Trunks are more into heavy thighs that tend to touch and rub causing chafing. They can be a good alternative if you have big thighs and want to avoid friction. Due to the tight fit, trunks also look good on people who are tall. Briefs look really good on men with well-built and short legs as they expose them giving an illusion of tallness. Briefs on tall guys feel like a cherry on a cake - too less. If you are going to wear them in the open better opt for trunks.


Finding a definitive answer to which one is better is tricky. It totally depends on your preferences and what gives you the highest level of comfort. It is the numerous factors like occasion or lifestyle or type of activity that matter more. Having variety of underwear in your wardrobe is an excellent idea to go per the aforementioned factors.